Is Dead, Portrait Incomplet de Gertrude Stein, 1999

Extrait de Poussières d'Amérique | 2011

Arnaud Des Pallières - Creativity Put to the Real Test

Arnaud Des Pallières is invited to present his work as part of a workshop, open to all, during the next edition of the Festival.

After studying literature and working as an actor and stage director, Arnaud Des Pallières studied film at La Fémis, where he directed his first short films. The seminal moment in his film career, however, seems to have been the conference by Gilles Deleuze “Qu’est-ce que l’acte de creation ?” which he filmed with Arnaud Dauphin in 1987.
 Then followed short and feature length films that shifted between fiction and documentary, such as La Mémoire d'un ange (1989), Avant après (1993), Les Choses rouges (1994), Drancy Avenir (1996), Is Dead (portrait incomplet de Gertrude Stein) (1999), Disneyland, mon vieux pays natal (2001), Adieu (2003) Parc (2008), Diane Wellington (2010), and Poussière d’Amérique (2011). 
A journey through the present and the past which the filmmaker doesn't seek to document but rather to recreate with elements from reality: a journey of images and sounds in which information disappears and from which springs forth the evocation of a moment, a period, a situation in the world.

Atelier at Visions du Réel, Nyon 20-27 April 2012