Jury Regard Neuf 2016

Darya Bassel

Born in Ukraine in 1985, Darya Bassel studied German language and literature in Odessa. After graduating she moved to Kyiv and worked in TV and commercial production as a producer. In 2011, she joined the team of Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Kyiv) where she works to this day as a programme coordinator. Other assignments include production manager of Sickfuckpeople, dir. Juri Rechinsky, Austria/Ukraine, 2013, (selected awards: Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film, Sarajevo Film Festival; Best Documentary Feature, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013; Raindance Film Festival, London, 2013; Vienna Film Award for Best Documentary, Viennale, Vienna, 2013). She is also production manager of UGLY (feature film, work-in-progress), dir. Juri Rechinsky, Austria/Ukraine.

Carlo Hintermann

Carlo S. Hintermann is an Italian and Swiss filmmaker and producer born in 1974. After obtaining a diploma in classical percussion and having studied History of Cinema in Italy, he graduated in Film Directing at New York University. He made a number of shorts and, together with Luciano Barcaroli, Gerardo Panichi and Daniele Villa, subsequently directed the documentary Rosy-fingered Dawn: a film on Terrence Malick followed by Chatzer: Inside Jewish Venice. He also made the animated short H2O. He produced and directed the Italy Unit of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life and then directed the movie The Dark Side of the Sun (Rome International Film Festival, 2011-Jury Special Mention). Together with his associate Gerardo Panichi, he co-produced several movies, documentaries and shorts, Tsili by Amos Gitaï, Rabin: The Last Day by Amos Gitaï, Mountain by Amir Naderi (in postproduction), Dal Ritorno by Giovanni Cioni and Rhinoceros by Kevin Jerome Everson. He is also a musician, composer and film critic.

Flor Rubina

With extensive experience in the production of documentaries, Flor is also a translator. She holds a degree in Cultural Management from ARCIS University. Her love for documentaries comes from different workshops, but especially from the side-by-side work with Patricio Guzmán, organising FIDOCS, International Documentary Film Festival in Santiago, Chile. She has worked on a dozen documentary films in different roles of production, among them the films The Chilean Building (2010), The Power of Speech (2010) and Vivan las antípodas! (2011). With her company Blume Producciones she has produced Hija (2011), directed by María Paz González, winner of more than 30 local and international awards; Alas de Mar (2015), directed by Hans Mülchi, and El Color del Camaleón, directed by Andrés Lübbert, and coproduced by OffWorld, Belgium. In 2010 she created Chiledoc, along with her colleague Paola Castillo, an organisation that works to enhance the distribution and sales of Chilean projects. Starting this year, she will be teaching Production at the Documentary Magister at Universidad de Chile.

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