Jury Cinéma suisse 2016

Inti Cordera

Inti Cordera is a director and producer of documentary films, born in Mexico City in 1969. He began his director's career in 1992, by making the documentary Neruda in Isla Negra. In 1995, he created LA MAROMA, a media company focusing on the development of documentary projects such as TV series, films and special projects. He is also the founder (in 2006) and executive director of the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsDF). Inti Cordera has participated as a jury member in several national and international festivals, as well as a member of selection committees of projects for the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), the National Film Board of Ecuador (CNCINE), the Institute of Film of Uruguay (ICAU), and The Audiovisual Fund and Colombia (PRO IMAGENES). From April 2013 to June 2015, he was appointed General Coordinator of the Mexican Film Festival Network: RedMexFest.

Michel David

Born in Nantes at the end of the war. Educated at the school of militant cinephilia and in film clubs. After various attempts to work, he became a state employee and worked at the French National Film Centre for seven years. At the end of the 1980s, he became a producer (not wanting to be an author or to run movie theatres, and not succeeding in becoming a distributor). Discovered, working for different companies, that it is not a profession but a passion. Created Zeugma Films in June 1996. He has produced around 60 documentary films in the past 20 years. Often with great fidelity to authors who conceive documentary film in a poetic approach, like Pierre Yves Vandeweerd and Alessandra Celesia. Has since begun distributing films to movie theatres (from 5 Broken Cameras to Sud eau Nord déplacer, from Akerman to Guerin) and started producing DVDs. Nonetheless, he has no intention of becoming a multinational, but intends to remain an artisan. A film lover.

Arami Ullón

Arami Ullón was born in Paraguay in 1978. She has worked in the international audiovisual field since 1995. She worked as a producer for films such as The Call of the Oboe (1998) and Miami Vice (2006) and 18 and 1/2 cigarettes (2011). El Tiempo Nublado is her first feature documentary as a director. The film, which recounts the filmmaker's relationship with her elderly and ailing mother, won the Regard Neuf Award at Visions du Réel (2014). It also received two awards at the Cinélatino – Rencontres de Toulouse (2015) and was chosen as Best Film in the Basler Filmpreis (2015). It is the first film that represented Paraguay at the Oscars. Currently, Ullón is developing her second feature documentary I Left Without Looking at You Closer, which was selected by the Curso de Desarrollo de Proyectos Cinematográficos Iberoaméricanos (2015), where she worked with filmmaker Karim Ainouz and scriptwriter Fernando Castets.

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