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Days of Cannibalism

de Teboho Edkins
South Africa / France
Day Zero Films / Kinoelektron, Don Edkins / Janja Kraij

Days of Cannibalism is a film about China and Africa. By zooming into various microcosms of characters and locations it draws us into one of the defining geopolitical shifts of our time. Moving between villages in the high mountains of the tiny landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho and the teeming streets, chaotic lobby and lonely hotel rooms of Guangzhou, China, the story unfolds in a clear and controlled cinematic language.

Life & Times of John C.

de François Verster
South Africa / Australia / Netherlands
Undercurrent Film & Television / JOTZ Productions / Witfilm, François Verster / Julia Overton / Iris Lammertsma

Life & Times of John C. is a partly fictionalised exploration of the life, work and legacy of Nobel Prize-winning J.M. Coetzee, one of the world’s most famous and most enigmatic literary figures. His fictional character Elizabeth Costello, in the shape of an actor, travels from the gates of heaven to a real-world earth in order to redeem both herself and her creator.

Spirits of the Karoo

de Zinzi Nkenene & Engelbert Phiri
South Africa
Natives at Work / Zinzi Nkenene / Engelbert Phiri

A creative documentary narrative told by a magical windmill that cranks a weary song, and three teenagers from a community with a complex past and a convoluted present seeking an escape from their reality through studying at a tiny hospitality school. It explores the protagonists’ inner dialogues and their imagined selves, and attempts to translate the language of dreams.


de Jessie Zinn & Jethro Westraad
South Africa
Red Coat Films, Jessie Zinn / Chase Musslewhite

An aging drag queen, a single-mother living in poverty and a middle-aged man with a dream: together these characters make up a group of Cape Coloured performers from South Africa, whose jobs rely on reenacting their pasts.  Art and life are joined in a continuous loop, oscillating on and off the stage. But the group’s romanticised memories of growing up in District Six reveal remnants of apartheid that still permeates their everyday lives.

Not Dead Yet

de Aryan Kaganof
South Africa / United Kingdom
African Noise Foundation / JISA, Aryan Kaganof / Jonathan Eato 

Late in life, four forgotten giants of South African jazz are re-discovered and re-introduced to each other and the contemporary music scene. Their wry relationship to fame, death and dying is brutal but strangely heartwarming.