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50 Years! of Love?

Karin Slater, 2008, 86'
South Africa
In De Light / Durga Shakti Films

A filmmaker couple investigates the meaning of marriage with humour and sensitivity, by meeting couples that have been together for 50 years all over the world: how can we make love last so long?

Atrophy and the Fear of Fading

Palesa Nomanzi Shongwe, 2010, 9’
South Africa
Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking

Dance, imagery, poetry and music are used as metaphors for the history of a country and its heritage through a fascinating kaleidoscope that blends archive images and contemporary performance.

Coming of Age

Teboho Edkins, 2015, 63’
South Africa / Germany
STEPS / dffb

In the impressive mountainous landscapes of Lesotho, the director follows four teenagers for two years during the delicate and intense transition to adulthood. Doors open onto a new stage of life.
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Hot Wax

Andy Spitz, 2004, 48’
South Africa
Left-Eye Productions

Ivy’s beauty salon becomes a venue for intimate discussion in which she tackles all kinds of subjects with her clients, from sexuality to questions of power: confidences shared between a manicure and a waxing.

Jeppe on a Friday

Arya Lalloo, Shannon Walsh, 2013, 87’
South Africa / Canada
Urucu Media / Parabola Films

The fate and dreams of five inhabitants of Jeppestown, a working-class district of Johannesburg, filmed on a Friday. A window onto the sense of identity and community felt in an African metropolis today.

Miners Shot Down

Rehad Desai, 2014, 86’
South Africa
Uhuru Productions (PTY) Ltd.

A dive into the Marikana massacre in South Africa in 2012: following the miners’ strike for better wage conditions, the police killed 34 innocent workers claiming self-defence.


Simon Wood, 2014, 21’
South Africa
SaltPeter Productions

A refined observation of the effects of the consumer society in Umlazi, the largest township in South Africa, located near Durban, the largest port in Africa. Two contrasting but inevitably linked realities.

Sea Point Days

François Verster, 2009, 93’
South Africa
Undercurrent Film & Television CC / Luna Films / Lucinda Englehart

The Cape. On the edge of the Ocean, the Sea Point public swimming pools are a unique space in which people of all ages, religion and origins mix. An observation of an exceptional place and a reflection on the possible future.

Singing in Kliptown

Delphine de Blic, EAT MY DUST team, 2011, 13’
South Africa

A project created with the inhabitants of Kliptown, one of the districts of Soweto. Budding young filmmakers discover cinema and bring their creations to life by re-appropriating classic films with panache and audacity.

Umva (rewind)

Qondiswa James, Namisa Mdlalose, Puleng Stewart, Jessie Zinn, 2015, 5’
South Africa
Red Coat Films

Three young women reflect on their freedom today in an experimental essay that stands at the crossroads of performance. Their questions echo those of an entire generation.

Action Comandante

Nadine Angel Cloete, 2016, 90’
South Africa
Ma'engere Film Productions

Ashley Kriel, an anti-apartheid activist killed by the police at the age of 20, is a symbol of South African resistance. The film draws a passionate portrait of the man they used to call the Cape Flats Che Guevara.

Calvin and Holiday

Simon Gush, 2014, 14’
South Africa
Simon Gush 

An observation in precise and ironic black and white: the filmmaker reflects on the work and influence of Calvin in Geneva and South Africa. A surprising and intelligent contemporary parable.


Zandile Tisani, 2014, 11’
South Africa
Goodcop / Close Encounters Lab

A fascinating personal perspective of Johannesburg, a contemporary megalopolis shaped by its human and political history. Much like a mirror, its inhabitants and districts reflect the paradoxes of modernity.

I, Afrikaner

Annalet Steenkamp, 2013, 94’
South Africa
Go Trolley Films

For nine years, the director filmed the daily life of her family of Afrikaner farmers. Through this powerful saga, she grasps the complexity of a country undergoing profound change, its wounds and its fears.

Nelson Mandela, the Myth and Me

Khalo Matabane, 2013, 86’
South Africa / Nigeria / India / UK / France / USA / South Sudan / Germany
Born Free Media / Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

An open letter from the director to the great South African icon: his questions are those of the entire post-apartheid generation reflecting on the heritage left to a country in which inequalities still reign.

Port Nolloth: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Felix Seuffert, 2012, 23’
South Africa
Butterfly Films

After the glorious era marked by diamond fever, the small town of Port Nolloth disappears inexorably into oblivion: take a tour of a ghost village and its survivors, inhabited by the dreams of the past.

Shooting Bokkie

Rob de Mezieres, Adam Rist, 2003, 72’
South Africa
Dark Continent Pictures / Videovision Entertainment

A real oddball becoming cult: Shooting Bokkie blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction to plunge us into the dangerous yet also extraordinary life of the gangs in the ghettos of the Cape Town region.

The Devils Lair

Riaan Hendricks, 2013, 82’
South Africa
Fireworx Media / a Season of Film

The harsh reality of the gangs in the disadvantaged Cape Flats region recounted by Braaim, who is attempting to live a double life as a family man and a gangster. An intimate and rare portrait in a merciless reality.

Western 4.33

Aryan Kaganof, 2001, 32’
Netherlands / South Africa / Namibia
Mandala Films

A voyage through space and time via a truck driver’s journey from Johannesburg to Namibia. The flow of images and sounds evokes painful traces of German colonisation.