The Art of Editing

with Claire Atherton

What is the role of editing in documentary film? How do the recorded material and the film maker’s vision come together in the editing to make a film?

Editor Claire Atherton is at the top of her field when it comes to striving for formal clarity and radical candour in artistic expression. She made her name through her 30-year collaboration with the Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman (1950-2015), most recently working on the documentary No Home Movie (2015). Moreover, she has worked as editor with a wide range of directors, young film makers and film students.

With Claire Atherton, we will use selected example films to immerse ourselves in the practice and philosophy of editing documentary films: what are the issues in her mind during the screening and editing of raw material? What is her editorial philosophy? Which strategies has she developed when handling images and sound?

Discussion followed by an aperitif offered ARF/FDS.

In French with English translation | Open to the public

Where, When, Who?

Colombière Grande Salle

Su 17 April 2016 – 10:30-14:30 

With: Claire Atherton, editor (F)
Moderator: Lionel Baier, filmmaker & Head of Film Department, ECAL (CH)


Co-productions between Canada & Switzerland

Lowik Media (CA) and Mira Film (CH) are co-production partners on two projects The Hungry Half by Matthieu Roi (in production) and The Beekeeper and his Son by Diedie Weng (at Visions du Réel 2016). This case study will examine the process and requirements of building up a lasting bi-lateral partnership. 

In English | Open to the public

Where, When, Who?

Village du Réel - Le Club

Mo 18 April 2016 – 15:30-16:00

Gabriela Bussmann, producer, GoldenEgg Production (CH)
Susanne Guggenberger, producer, Mira Film (CH)
Vadim Jendreyko, producer, Mira Film (CH)
Lucie Trembley, producer, Lowik Media (CA)

Doha Film Institute – Postproduction Support

Khalil Benkirane, Head of Grants at the Doha Film Institute, Qatar, will tell why and how they support international first and second time filmmakers with their feature film in post-production.

In English | Open to the public

Where & When?

Village du Réel - Le Club

Mo 18 April 2016 – 16:15-16:45

Speaker: Khalil Benkirane, Head of Grants, Doha Film Institute (QA)

How to design the proper festival strategy?

Lecture by Ulla Simonen

With 6000+ festivals around the globe, finding the right festival for a film premiere can be tricky. And targeting only the biggest festivals can be risky and not necessarily the best match. Ulla Simonen explains how to navigate in this landscape and to design a strategy tailored for each film, with the aim of making a film visible, building a reputation to a filmmaker and earning some money from festival screenings.

In English | Open to the public

Where, When, Who?

Village du Réel – Le Club

Mo 18 April 2016 – 17:00-17:45

With: Ulla Simonen, producer (FI)

Rendez-vous du cinéma suisse: Swiss documentary in the international arena

Swiss documentary, a traditionally booming genre in Switzerland. And what about its success beyond our borders? In a common effort to support and highlight Swiss documentary cinema abroad, SWISS FILMS and Visions du Réel are hosting a panel discussion with international film critics on Swiss documentaries in the international arena.
Discussed films: Wild Plants by Nicolas Humbert, Looking Like My Mother by Dominique Margot, Half-Life in Fukushima by Mark Olexa & Francesca Scalisi, Calabria by Jean-François Sauter.

In French and German with simultanuous translation | Open to the public

Where & When?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Tu 19 April 2016 – 17:00-18:30

Moderator: Catherine Ann Berger, Managing Director, SWISS FILMS (CH)

Dominik Kamalzadeh, Der Standard (AT)
Raphaëlle Pireyre, / Images Documentaires (F)
Bert Rebhandl, FAZ/Cargo (D)


Debate's podcast >

Swiss TVs – Visions & Realities

Switzerland is a complex country, which translates also into a diverse landscape of public broadcasters. Who are the players? What are they looking for? What editorial lines do they follow? And ultimately what is their personal taste? This session will explore together with three commissioning editors visions and realities and how independent producers and directors can cooperate with Swiss broadcasters. 

In English | All accredited welcome

Where & When?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Tu 19 April 2016 – 20:00-20:45

Moderator: Christian Popp, Yuzu Productions (F)

Urs Augsburger, SRF (CH)
Silvana Bezzola, RSI (CH)
Irène Challand, RTS (CH)

Distribution Panel The Sound of Documentary

Releasing documentaries on music and musicians

This third panel organised together with Europa Distribution will focus on the distribution of documentaries. Which kind of release strategies? How to attract a wide audience to this genre sometimes stamped as niche? What innovative marketing strategies proved efficient in recent releases of documentaries? Business models, case studies, information and exchange.

In English | Open to the public

Where & When?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Public Panel

We 20 April 2016 – 10:30-12:00
Moderator: Mathias Noschis, Alphapanda (D/UK)
Kim Foss, Camera Film (DK)
Käte Schaeffer, Arsenal Filmverleih (D)
Wallie Pollé, Cinéart (NL)

Internal Event (closed to the public)

We 20 April 2016 – 14:00-16:00

Marketing for Documentaries

With the multiplication of distribution channels and strategies, the marketing of documentaries is shifting from distributors to producers and directors. Defining a solid marketing strategy in due time allows reaching a pre-identified target audience with a coherent positioning. Through recent documentaries such as Danish-Polish film Something Better to Come and Italian documentary Porno e Libertà, this session will offer practical examples of promotional strategies and activities to market a film both offline and online.

In English | All Accredited welcome

Where, When, Who?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

We 20 April 2016 – 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Mathias Noschis, marketing strategist, Alphapanda (D/UK) 

Creative producing: a balance of freedom, poetics and strictness

A conversation with Michel David, Zeugma Films

For 20 years, Zeugma Films, Paris, has produced about 60 films and has been accompanying with loyalty several authors who share a same poetic view of documentary filmmaking, such as Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd and Alessandra Celesia.   Michel David explains his career and his long-term approach of producing: giving freedom to authors while being close to them, to their work, doubts and emotions. He also addresses the festival and theatrical distribution of documentaries. Excerpts of films produced by Zeugma Films will be shown.

In French | Open to the public

Where, When, Who?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Th 21 April 2016 – 10:00-12:30

Speaker: Michel David, Producer, Zeugma Film (F)

Doc & Art: Round Table

This fourth Doc & Art round table focuses on the distribution & exhibition opportunities that the visual arts sector offers to creative documentaries. Understanding the approach of audio-visual artwork collectors. How can producers and distributors collaborate with galleries and curators, who often play a role as intermediary in the art market? How can the reflection about the exhibition context lead to reaching new audiences? An exchange of experiences and challenges to find concrete and innovative forms of collaboration. 

In English | Open to the public

Where, When, Who?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Th 21 April 2016 – 14:30-16:30

Speakers: Sally Berger, Assistant Curator, MoMA (US) | Brigitta Burger-Utzer, distributor, sixpack film (AT) | Pierre Huber, art & video collector and gallery owner, ART & PUBLIC – CABINET P.H. (CH).

Moderator: Emilie Bujès, member of the Selection Committee du Comité of Visions du Réel & curator.