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Archidoc is an archive-based  documentary film development workshop aimed at directors, run by La Fémis, the French national filmschool. In three one-week sessions, 10 directors from all over Europe develop their project, finetune their directing choices, reflect on their use of archive footage, and edit or reedit their trailer. They will be pitching their projects to a panel of professional partners, broadcasters, producers and distributors.

Archidoc is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Selected Projets 2017

Alina Manolache, Romania : Lost Kids on the Beach / Enfants perdus à la plage
A portrait of the first generation of Romanians born “free” after the 1989 revolution.

Judith Abensour, France : Extra-Muros
The Palestinian Museum inaugurated on May 18th 2016 is empty. Except for the many people who live there, their voices echoing around the empty rooms.

Martine Delumeau, France : 44 Days / 44 jours
In January 2009 began the longest strike in French history. 44 days during which Guadeloupeans shook up postcolonial society.

Anna Kryvenko, Ukraine/Czech Republic : My Unknown Soldier / Mon soldat inconnu
The invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 from the occupiers' perspective, among them my great uncle who was in his twenties.

Florian Kunert, Germany : Progress in the Valley of the People who Don’t Know / Progrès dans la Vallée des personnes qui ne savent pas
In the industrial remains of Progress, former employees and newly arrived Syrian refugees face the ghost of the German Democratic Republic.

Judit Olah, Hungary : The Camp / La colo
The magic powers and dark secrets of a mysterious summer camp in fading communist Hungary, where games of freedom and democracy were played, set in an imaginary country.

Karim El Dib, France : AMBITUS
The tribulations of the contemporary European jazz scene, following in the footsteps of the greatest virtuosos of our time.

Klara Trencsényi, Hungary : God’s Own Country / Le pays de Dieu
The story of the last wandering souls of a once flourishing Jewish community in India and their return to the Promised Land.

Laurent Roth, France : The Film Catcher / Le capteur de films
I have just learned that my father, survivor of Auschwitz, is not my biological father: how can I now look at our family films?

Scott Calonico, Italy/USA : The Spy Who Left Me / L’espion qui m’a quitté
After his father’s lifeless body is found floating in the Danube, Andy searches for answers. 


La Fémis

Where & When?

Colombière DOCM Lab 2

Fr 28 April 2017 – 9:30-11:30 | Public Pitch

In English | Open to the public


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Co-Head of Industry
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