Visions du Réel opens itself to students

School screenings give young students the opportunity to meet with filmmakers and industry professionals. A few weeks before the Festival, a training day is organised in collaboration with preparing teachers for the films and providing follow-up work at school.


Frédéric Favre, 70’, 2015, Suisse
Language: french, english subtitles

Welcome to the bike messengers universe of Lausanne. Whereas Caroline and Raphaël, who have been delivering messages for years, are thinking a hard professional turn around, Matila starts this new life he has dreamed of. Following these 3 people through the knowing glance of the filmmaker – who has worked 10 years as bike messengers –, we discover a tribu and its aspirations. 

Interview of Frédéric Favre


Juliana Fanjul, 63’, 2015, Suisse
Language: spanish, english and french subtitles

Born in Mexico, Juliana Fanjul goes back home after years for the funeral of his grandmother. He meets there with Remedios, Dolores and Lupita, that have work in the family households since he was a kid. However, nobody seems to pay attention to their presence... With a movie that gives these discrete ladies the floor back , the filmmaker is building back a fragile social balance.

Interview of Juliana Fanjul