Awards 2020



International Feature Film Competition

Sesterce d’or la Mobilière (CHF 20’000)
Best feature film

Punta Sacra

Francesca Mazzoleni 
2020, Italy, 98'


Jury Prize Région de Nyon (CHF 10’000)
Most innovative feature film

Anerca, Breath of Life

Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio
2020, Finland, 86'

Special Mention

The Silhouettes

Afsaneh Salari
2020, Iran, Philippines, 79'

Special Mention

El Father Plays Himself

Mo Scarpelli
2020, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, 105'

Interreligious Award (CHF 5’000)
Feature film that sheds light on issues dealing with meaning and sense of direction in life

Off the Road

José Permar
2020, Mexico, United States, 76'


Burning Lights International Competition

Sesterce d’or Canton de Vaud (CHF 10’000)
Best medium length or feature film

The Other One

Francisco Bermejo
2020, Chili, 75'



Jury Prize Société des Hôteliers de la Côte (CHF 5’000)
Most innovative medium length or feature film


Roxanne Gaucherand
2020, France, 48ʹ


Special Mention

The Disqualified

Hamza Ouni
2020, Tunisia, France, Qatar, 114'

National Competition

Sesterce d’or SRG SSR (CHF 15’000)
Best medium length or feature film


Nick Brandestini
2020, Switzerland, 91ʹ

Jury Prize SSA/Suissimage (CHF 10’000)
Most innovative feature film

Cows on the Roof

Aldo Gugolz
2020, Switzerland, 80ʹ


Special Mention


Raphaël Holzer
2020, Switzerland, 68'

International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

Sesterce d’argent (CHF 10’000)
Best medium length film


Louise Mootz
2020, France, 52'

Jury Prize Clinique de Genolier (CHF 5’000)
Most innovative medium length film

An Ordinary Country

Tomasz Wolski
2020, Poland, 52ʹ

Special Mention

Trouble Sleep

Alain Kassanda
2020, Nigeria, France, 41'

Sesterce d’argent Fondation Goblet (CHF 5’000)
Best short film

My Own Landscapes

Antoine Chapon
2020, France, 18'


Special Mention


Thelyia Petraki
2020, Greece, 24'

Youth Jury Prize Mémoire Vive (CHF 2’500)
Most innovative short film

On Hold

Laura Rantanen
2020, Finland, 20'

Grand Angle – Audience Award

Sesterce d’argent Prix du Public Ville de Nyon (CHF 10’000)
Best feature film

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Sascha Schöberl
2020, China, Germany, 84ʹ 



Opening Scenes

IDFA Talent Award

Invitation to IDFA’s next edition to participate in a tailor-made programme within the IDFA Industry and training activities (travel & accommodation included).

The Golden Buttons

Alex Evstigneev
2019, Russia, 19'

Tënk Award

Purchase of distribution rights and an editing residency at the Village documentaire of Lussas (Ardèche–France) for the filmmaker of the awarded film

Without You, Without Me

Adèle Shaykhulova
2020, France, Russia, 20'

Meta Cultural Foundation Award

Slon Residency (Romania)

Mat and Her Mates

Pauline Pénichout
2020, France, 24'