Awards 2019

International Feature Film Competition

Sesterce d'or la Mobilière
Best feature film of the International Competition
CHF 20 000

Heimat Is a Space in Time
Thomas Heise

Prix du Jury Région de Nyon
Most innovative feature film of the International Competition
CHF 10 000

That Which Does Not Kill 
Alexe Poukine

Special mention

When the Persimmons Grew
Hilal Baydarov

International Burning Lights Competition

Sesterce d'or Canton de Vaud
Best film of the Burning Lights International Competition
CHF 10 000

The House
Mali Arun

Prix du Jury Société des Hôteliers de La Côte
Most innovative film of the Burning Lights International Competition
CHF 5 000

Seven Years in May
Affonso Uchôa

National Competition

Sesterce d'or SRG SSR
Best Swiss film
CHF 15 000

Looking for the Man With the Camera 
Boutheyna Bouslama

Most innovative Swiss feature film
CHF 10 000

Taste of Hope
Laura Coppens

Special mention

Lucky Hours
Martine Deyres

International Competition Medium length and Short films

Medium Length Films

Sesterce d'argent George Reinhart
Best medium length film, ICMS Jury
CHF 10 000

Miguel Hilari

Prix du Jury des Jeunes George Reinhart
Most innovative medium length film, Youth Jury
CHF 5 000

Christopher Murray, Israel Pimentel et Josefina Buschmann

Special mention

Camp on the Wind's Road 
Natasha Kharlamova

Short Films

Sesterce d'argent Fondation Goblet
Best short film, ICMS Jury
CHF 5 000

Manon Vila

Prix du Jury des Jeunes Mémoire Vive
Most innovative short film, Youth Jury
CHF 2 500

Manon Vila

Special mention

The Outer Space Forest
Victor Missud

Grand Angle – Audience Award

Sesterce d'argent Prix du Public Ville de Nyon
Best film of the Grand Angle section
CHF 10 000

Midnight Traveler 
Hassan Fazili, Emelie Mahdavian

Opening Scenes

IDFA Talent Award
Invitation to IDFA’s next edition to participate in a tailor made program within the IDFA Industry and training activities (travel & accommodation included)

Mars, Oman
Vanessa Del Campo Gatell

Tënk Award
Purchase of broadcasting rights for one film and editing residency

Dead Sea Dying
Katharina Rabl, Rebecca Zehr

Meta Cultural Foundation Award
Slon Residency, invitation to a creative film residency in Slon (Romania)

Angor Pectoris
Sophie Dascal


Interreligious Award
Feature film of the International Competition that sheds light on issues dealing with meaning and sense of direction in life
CHF 5 000

When the Persimmons Grew
Hilal Baydarov

Special mention

Yuki Kawamura


A female filmmaker whose work reveals mastery and talent and that calls for the support for future creations (CHF 5'000)

Taste of Hope
Laura Coppens

Maître du Réel

Sesterce d'or Prix Raiffeisen Maître du Réel
Career Award for



Doc & Film International Distribution Award
Pornomelancholia by Manuel Abramovich

HEAD - GENÈVE Post-Production Award
The Flats by Alessandra Celesia

MFI SCRIPT2FILM Workshop Project Development Award
Meril by Victoria Verseau 

Doc Corner, Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes Award
The Flats by Alessandra Celesia

Dok Leipzig Talent Development Award 
A Thousand Fires by Saeed Taji Farouky

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Award
Dreamers by Stéphanie Barbey, Luc Peter

asterisk* Digital Marketing Award
A Machine to Live in by Yoni Goldstein, Meredith Zielke

Freestudios DCP Delivery Package Award
Las Ranas by Edgardo Castro

visions sud est Award
Pornomelancholia by Manuel Abramovich

Raggioverde Subtitling Award
Our Dark 70’s by Ali Essafi

Prix RTS: Perspectives d'un Doc
Acting Pain (Jouer le mal) by Elena Avdija


Festival Reflex

12 – 15 years old: The girl in the mirror, Nina Quattrocchi

16 – 19 years old: Unreal Fiction, Ilan Wenger, Alexander Ott, Aline Blanchard, Maël Ruegsegger, Fiona Cardot et Béatrice Garrido

20 – 26 years old: Chrysalide, Tanguy Bula

Prix spécial du jury: MiroirMiroir, Delphine Rozmuski et Enora Stein

Prix du Public Geneva: Post Lucem Tenebrae, des Élèves du Cours Vidéo – CO Les Colombières

Prix du Public Nyon: Memento Mori, Mélanie Maye

Klik! Festival

Les 3 magiciens de la classe des 6P de Jean-Marc Rey de l'école du Cossy