Become Visions du Réel supporter

This 50th edition is a very important milestone, so seize this opportunity to give your support to Visions du Réel: buy, symbolically, one or more cinema chairs.

Your contribution will allow the Festival to celebrate its 50th anniversary in style and will offer our guests a unique experience.

CHF 250 a folding seat

CHF 550 a cinema chair

CHF 950 a loveseat 

CHF 10'050 an entire row

And in return:

  • You will help us ensure the continuity of the Festival and improve our infrastructure
  • You will be welcomed as VIP to all our official events
  • You will receive Festival passes to attend all screenings

Martine Chalverat

Director of Administration and Operations
+41 22 365 44 51

Fondation Visions du Réel, Compte 80442
Banque Raiffeisen Nyon – La Vallée société coopérative, Nyon
IBAN: CH25 8044 2000 0531 3942 2

Please mention "Adoptez un Fauteuil" with your payment

Visions du Réel est reconnu d’utilité publique. Vous avez la possibilité de déduire des impôts le montant de votre cotisation. 

Thank you for your support

Martine Dupré-Perrin et Thierry Perrin
Ville de Gland

…and all other members who wish to stay anonymous.