Suddenly Homesick (Switzerland, China)

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Suddenly Homesick

Plötzlich Heimweh
Hao Yu
2019, Switzerland, China, 79′
World premiere
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Yu Hao lives an exciting and fast-paced life as a reporter for Chinese state television. When she visits Switzerland in 2005, she falls in love and decides to leave China for a few months. The foreign lifestyle fascinates her, but she does not speak a word of German and feels excluded from the local population. To hide her embarrassment, she takes hold of her camera and begins to capture her impressions and encounters in a kind of film diary. A few months become 12 years, and Yu Hao shoots over 250 hours of footage. In the meantime not only she rediscovers her own story but something unfathomable moves deep inside her.
Language(s):  Swiss German, English, Chinese, German
VdR edition:  2019


Ernst Hohl

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