Ramps to Nowhere (United States)

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Ramps to Nowhere

Rampes vers nulle part
Minda Martin
2019, United States, 70′
World premiere
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In the 1960s cities throughout America were being transformed by freeways to accommodate the suburban sprawl and the automobile. With unprecedented power granted to the federal and state highway departments, the urban neighborhoods that were most effected by freeways were low-income and communities of color. The ill-effects of the destruction wrought by freeways had become clear by the end of the 1960s and freeway revolts were taking place throughout the country. This is a story of one of those revolts where the citizens were successful in stopping a planned highway network that would have made Seattle, Washington the densest freeway system in the world. The physical vestiges of that freeway revolt was called "Ramps to Nowhere" and it stood in the middle of the city until the recently. Archival footage from the 1960s and 70s is interwoven with contemporary interviews of participants in the freeway revolt and Martin’s personal narrative about living next to freeways.
Language(s):  English
VdR edition:  2019


Minda Martin
Priscilla Arsove
Anna Rudd

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