Double Income, Kids (Germany)
April 24 May 2 2020

Double Income, Kids

Double Income, Kids

  • Hendrik Schäfer


We closely accompany an Israeli gay couple, Motty and Alon, on their journey to have biological twins through their gestational surrogate, Krista, from Oregon/USA. For a period of one year, we look into the couple’s daily lives in Israel. We observe how they cope with the financial, medical, social and religious issues Israel’s reality poses them on their quest for fatherhood. Through their closely observed personal story, the film raises questions about parenthood, social norms, the Israeli gay baby boom and the zeitgeist of our technologically advanced world.
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Length: 94'
Another length: 60'
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Language(s): Hebrew, English, Spanish
Premiere status (in January 2019) : World Premiere
VdR edition : 2019


Denise Neustadt
Hendrik Schäfer
Igor Dovgal – Essence Film

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Hendrik Schäfer
Tel. +491732323404


Watch the film on the Media Library, from 5 April to 14 July 2019, only for Industry accredited professionals.