B12 – Leave dying or the next life (Germany)

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B12 – Leave dying or the next life

B12 – Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben
Christian Lerch
2018, Germany, 90′
Swiss premiere
German Films
Lenz would like to die so much, but he simply can't. Lorenz "Lenz" Gantner, former landlord of the service area B12 on the Bavarian highway of the same name, is 89 years old. A Stroke hit him hard. Opinions differ about how bad his state is. But because dying doesn't work out, he can eat a good liver dumpling soup or drink a beer. At first glance, the B12 is an inconspicuous place. The regulars and travellers negotiate the big topics of life here: Love, death, friendship and the quality of veal sausages. The men who sit and drink here every day, talk and keep quiet, are all originals. If landlord Manfred, Lenz' son, wants to renovate an outbuilding and the friendly craftsmen install all three windows the wrong way round – then it's a stupid thing to do, but somehow: it doesn't matter! Is this place now broken and depressing? Or is it a special place, where there's always something going on, where an 89-year-old talks about dying and is highly vital? That's a matter of opinion.
Language(s):  German
VdR edition:  2019


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