As far as the sea (Greece, France)

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As far as the sea

Mechri ti thalassa
Marco Gastine
2019, Greece, France, 108′
International premiere
Thessaloniki Agora Doc Market
Victims of serious accidents are hospitalized at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation unit of a major Athenian hospital:“KAT”. With the supported of a pluri-disciplinary medical team, their families and ward-mates they try very hard to regain their previous abilities. For several months, they struggle daily, to re-learn basic gestures and sometimes even how to speak. Some will regain all their faculties. Others, due to the seriousness of their injuries, will not; they will therefore have to confront an even more serious challenge: to accept their handicap. If the succeed, they will be able to win the final battle of their rehabilitation and become functional and autonomous again. Filmed from the point of view of four patients with mobility issues, the film explores the antinomy between hope and acceptance, one of the basic dilemmas of human existence.
Language(s):  Greek
VdR edition:  2019


Marco Gastine
Eleni Chandrinou

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