Capitole Fellini

Saturday 6 April 2019

Notes for a Heist Film (Spain)

León Siminiani has always dreamed of making a heist film. One day, in the papers, he reads the story of Flako aka “The Robin Hood of Vallecas”, the...

  • León Siminiani
2018, Spain, 89′
Swiss premiere
Last Night I Saw You Smiling (Cambodia, France)

The White Building, an emblematic apartment block home to 493 families in Phnom Penh, is going to be destroyed soon. Kavich Neang intimately chronicles...

  • Kavich Neang
2019, Cambodia, France, 77′
Swiss premiere
No Nos Representan (Switzerland)

We enter a living painting: actors demonstrating to the cries of “They don't represent us!”, the rallying slogan of the Anti-austerity movement in the...

  • Irene Muñoz Martin
2019, Switzerland, 40′
World premiere
Resilienza (Switzerland)

What is happening in Nuria's head? While doctors carefully examine her brain, thoroughly scrutinised by an MRI, Anna Hungerbühler endeavours to show us...

  • Anna Hungerbühler
2019, Switzerland, 33′
World premiere
Toni and Bleri (Kosovo, Netherlands)

In Kosovo, two young men walk in the ghostly space of an abandoned construction worksite. Toni and Bleri evoke memories of a scarcely joyful past, as...

  • Katja Verheul
2019, Kosovo, Netherlands, 20′
World premiere
The Outer Space Forest (France)

On the Moon, a group of men await the arrival of inhabitants of Planet Earth. In the meantime, they look after the idyllic forest that they have...

  • Victor Missud
2019, France, 30′
World premiere
Fog World (United Kingdom)

Iceland is a country marked by its frozen nature and extreme temperatures, which give it a certain touristic appeal. The harshness of the climatic...

  • Ruaidhri Ryan
2019, United Kingdom, 22′
World premiere

Friday 5 April 2019

Doel (Denmark, Belgium)

In urban exploration guidebooks, Doel ranks high in the “ghost town” category. Caught between a nuclear plant and the industrial port of Antwerp, it is...

  • Frederik Sølberg
2018, Denmark, Belgium, 67′
Swiss premiere
I promessi sposi (Italy)

Couples prepare for their imminent weddings. Municipal employees listen to their statements and their intentions. A provincial priest gives a...

  • Massimo D'Anolfi, Martina Parenti
2007, Italy, 73′

Monday 8 April 2019

Where We Belong (Switzerland)

Jacqueline Zünd seeks to capture what remains unexpressed. She selected five children to attempt to grasp what happens for them when parents separate....

  • Jacqueline Zünd
2019, Switzerland, 78′
Swiss premiere
Looking for the Man with the Camera (France, Switzerland)

Boutheyna Bouslama remembers her holidays in Syria in the summer of 1994: a boy offered her an armful of cherries. He was called Oussama. Twenty years...

  • Boutheyna Bouslama
2019, France, Switzerland, 76′
World premiere
Akaboum (France)

In the Parisian suburbs, a group of adolescents wander, looking for a rave party. The city's peripheral architecture goes by like the setting of a...

  • Manon Vila
2019, France, 30′
World premiere
Cows With No Name (France)

While his previous film addressed the question of rural life via the major health crisis of the 20th century (mad cow disease) and in the form of a...

  • Hubert Charuel
2019, France, 50′
World premiere
RIAFN (Germany)

Since the dawn of time, the inhabitants of the Alps have used their own language to overcome the distance imposed by the mountainous orography. Riafn...

  • Hannes Lang
2019, Germany, 29′
World premiere
Salam Godzilla (Switzerland)

When the terrible 1960 earthquake hit Agadir, the local cinema Salam was showing Ishiro Honda and Terry O. Morse's Godzilla, King of Monsters! Weirdly...

  • Gilles Aubry
2019, Switzerland, 40′
World premiere
À l'usage des vivants (Belgium)

 Semira Adamu arrived in Belgium in 1998 when she fled from Nigeria. Held in a closed detention centre next to Brussels Airport, she died smothered...

  • Pauline Fonsny
2019, Belgium, 27′
World premiere
Dans les ruines (Switzerland)

After the death of her father, Selina Weber seeks refuge in Pompei, a city still crossed by phantoms of those struck by the eruption of Vesuvius two...

  • Selina Weber
2019, Switzerland, 48′
World premiere

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Transnistra (Sweden, Denmark, Belgium)

Anna Eborn follows the lives of a group of teenagers in Transnistria, a country where the shadow of Soviet legacy looms large. An extremely precise and...

  • Anna Eborn
2019, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, 93′
Swiss premiere
Khartoum Offside (Sudan, Denmark)

In an all-male world ruled by Sharia law and threatened by civil war at its borders, a group of young women try to claim their right to live as they...

  • Marwa Zein
2019, Sudan, Denmark, 72′
Swiss premiere
Summerloch (Switzerland, Jamaica, Liechtenstein)

Dennis and his filmmaker friend decide to join his parents in Tuscany where they are spending the summer holiday. Dennis is not in the best of moods....

  • Moris Freiburghaus
2019, Switzerland, Jamaica, Liechtenstein, 26′
World premiere
This Film Is About Me (Spain)

Renata presents herself to the camera like one of these fascinating film noir heroines: a beautiful woman with a nondescript accent, with assured...

  • Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
2019, Spain, 61′
World premiere
The Hissing of Summer Sands (Portugal)

 Film newsreels show a mixed crowd enjoying seaside fun. Every summer however, a man appears on the beaches. Meticulously dressed, announcing himself...

  • Catarina Mourão
2019, Portugal, 15′
World premiere
Queen (United Kingdom)

A bowling alley, artists, friends, a recording studio, a pregnancy, a baby and universal pop culture, not all necessarily in this order. In Queen,...

  • Kathryn Elkin
2019, United Kingdom, 12′
World premiere
Daddy and the Warlord (Netherlands)

Clarice has always looked up to her father. But when the time has come to evaluate his political legacy, she gets entangled in a web where good and...

  • Shamira Raphaëla
2019, Netherlands, 52′
International premiere
Above Us Only Sky (Netherlands)

How do you start an investigation into chance? By a late journey. The narrator tells how the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjalla stopped the...

  • Arthur Kleinjan
2019, Netherlands, 28′
International premiere
Again (Germany)

His name was Schabas Saleh Al-Aziz. He came from Iraq where his family had remained. He was 21 years old. He suffered from epilepsy and mental...

  • Mario Pfeifer
2019, Germany, 38′
World premiere

Sunday 7 April 2019

The Tiniest Place (Mexico)

In the small village of Cinquera, memories of the civil war in El Salvador are still very much alive; they are part of everyday life here. The...

  • Tatiana Huezo Sánchez
2011, Mexico, 104′
I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All (Myanmar, Lebanon, Syria)

After over six years out of his country, the Syrian filmmaker Yaser Kassab continues to attempt to recount the war from the sad and soulless scenery of...

  • Yaser Kassab
2019, Myanmar, Lebanon, Syria, 19′
World premiere
In Mansourah You Separated Us (France, Algeria, Denmark)

Originally there was a silence. That of Malek, the filmmaker's father, who for years said nothing of his childhood in Algeria. And then, the need to...

  • Dorothee Myriam Kellou
2019, France, Algeria, Denmark, 62′
World premiere
Alba (Switzerland)

A black screen. A bottle breaks on the bitumen. A few insults are flung. The decor of an industrial area, first thing in the morning, after a busy...

  • Lucia Martinez, Hugo Radi
2019, Switzerland, 26′
World premiere
Passing Time (Belgium)

Lou Colpé has been filming her grandparents since she was 15. In the process of this intense relationship, she notices some disconcerting signs in her...

  • Lou Colpé
2019, Belgium, 40′
World premiere
Under the Dress (Belgium, Russia)

As a child, Aleksandr Vinogradov had his grandmother as an accomplice. In her home, he could dress up as a woman, explore his desires and identities,...

  • Aleksandr M. Vinogradov
2019, Belgium, Russia, 23′
World premiere
I Can Change, but Not 100% (France)

The film begins with an amorous promise: I can change. A promise heard too often, a promise we know to be false in advance. Amie-Sarah has fallen...

  • Amie-Sarah Barouh
2019, France, 40′
World premiere

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Piuccheperfetto (France)

A. is obsessed with his image. Like a post-modern Narcissus, he projects himself in the endless choices that social media devices offer him. Riccardo...

  • Riccardo Giacconi
2019, France, 52′
World premiere
Seven Years in May (Brazil, Argentina)

One night seven years ago, Rafael came home after work and discovered that people he did not know had come looking for him. He immediately fled,...

  • Affonso Uchôa
2019, Brazil, Argentina, 42′
World premiere
Then Comes the Evening (Serbia)

Bathed in light announcing the arrival of dusk, the setting of hills in the east of Bosnia is crossed by a flock guided by a stooped silhouette. A new...

  • Maja Novaković
2019, Serbia, 27′
World premiere
When They Left (Ecuador)

When the colourful ice-cream van rides through the deserted streets of the village, there are no children trailing behind it. In Plazuela, a peaceful...

  • Verónica Haro Abril
2019, Ecuador, 61′
World premiere
City of Children (United Kingdom)

What is daily life like for those who are growing up in the outskirts? How is the future being considered? With a sharp sense of observation, Arantxa...

  • Arantxa Hernández Barthe
2019, United Kingdom, 16′
World premiere
A Driver’s License (Italy)

Domenico is a young shepherd. He walks around with his flock and secretly harbors the dream of obtaining his driver's license. But he lives far away...

  • Giovanni Gaetani Liseo
2019, Italy, 40′
World premiere
Sweet Salty Wind (Switzerland, Cuba)

Somewhere on the coast of Cuba, three brothers and sisters spend the day by the sea. Laura Gabay observes them as well as the world they are...

  • Laura Gabay
2019, Switzerland, Cuba, 20′
World premiere
Wound (Armenia)

In 1988, Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, was destroyed by a terrible earthquake. Decades later, people are still recovering from the...

  • Arthur Sukiasyan
2019, Armenia, 25′
World premiere
Últimas Ondas (France)

We are somewhere in the north of Spain. After crossing a town, in the rain, at the end of a tunnel, the valley of Solana opens up. The grain and the...

  • Emmanuel Piton
2019, France, 41′
World premiere
Dead Sea Dying (Germany)

A kaleidoscopic vision of a mythical and contested place where tourists, mystics, pilgrims in search of Salvation or even entrepreneurs busy building...

  • Katharina Rabl, Rebecca Zehr
2019, Germany, 29′
World premiere
Socialist Monopoly (Hungary, Brazil)

Games of “socialist” Monopoly were played in the Soviet Union: for the Hungarian version, called “Manage your money wisely”, the first to furnish an...

  • Thiago Carvalhaes
2019, Hungary, Brazil, 19′
World premiere
Chasseurs (Switzerland)

A man releases a huge balloon in the dark night… In the south of France, two men lead us on a strange treasure hunt through crisscrossing roads, armed...

  • Benjamin Bucher
2019, Switzerland, 17′
World premiere

Thursday 11 April 2019

The Sound Is Innocent (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia)

As if directing a science-fiction film, Johana Ožvold dissects the story of electronic music. From the pioneer sound engineers working behind the Iron...

  • Johana Ožvold
2019, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, 68′
World premiere
El Guru (Chile)

In the south of Chile on the Chiloé Island, Carlos Ruiz works as an operator in an industrial cannery. He is one of the cogs that makes the machine...

  • Rory Barrientos Lamas
2019, Chile, 70′
World premiere
Salam Godzilla (Switzerland)

When the terrible 1960 earthquake hit Agadir, the local cinema Salam was showing Ishiro Honda and Terry O. Morse's Godzilla, King of Monsters! Weirdly...

  • Gilles Aubry
2019, Switzerland, 40′
World premiere
Lits défaits (Myanmar, Lebanon)

The bedroom—the space in which one comes back to one's intimacy, sleep and also perhaps disappointments—serves as a setting to compose the filmmaker's...

  • Davina Maria
2019, Myanmar, Lebanon, 19′
World premiere
Ravens (United Kingdom)

When Tamara encounters Syzmon, she thinks it is true love. But things turn out to be more complicated than planned and even more so when religion...

  • Karl Forchhammer
2019, United Kingdom, 25′
World premiere
+6 Gain (Belgium)

An unsettling look at a group of young people that seem to linger in a kind of perpetual twilight, while playing and getting high. Like dancing on the...

  • Jorn Plucieniczak
2019, Belgium, 26′
World premiere
Vaarheim (United Kingdom, Belgium)

Out Skerries is a minuscule archipelago of the United Kingdom located in Scotland, to the east of the Shetland Islands, in the middle of the North Sea....

  • Victor Ridley
2019, United Kingdom, Belgium, 29′
World premiere
Den-Missen Paradis (Belgium, Burkina Faso)

A man returns to Bamako, the city of his childhood, and perceives in the streetsfleeing like a shadow in the nightthe face of what he was in the...

  • Nissane Coulibaly
2019, Belgium, Burkina Faso, 43′
World premiere
Beyond the North Winds: A Post Nuclear Reverie (United Kingdom)

On the northern coast of Scotland, Dounreay is a nuclear research site built at the end of the 1950s and whose reactors have been gradually shut down....

  • Natalie Cubides-Brady
2019, United Kingdom, 23′
World premiere
Heat Singers (Ukraine)

Having arrived in a rattling bus, the singers of the TeploKomunEnergo company choir climb shambolically onto a small stage. Suddenly, everything falls...

  • Nadia Parfan
2019, Ukraine, 63′
World premiere
On the Art of Set Design (Finland)

Before sliding into the uniform of his father, the dictator and founder of the “Republic” of North Korea, Kim Jong II was passionate about film. He was...

  • Jan Ijäs
2019, Finland, 13′
World premiere
God (Chile)

In 2018, Pope Francis travelled to Chile on an official visit. The country was then undergoing a serious spiritual crisis. Despite the efforts of the...

  • Christopher Murray, Israel Pimentel, Josefina Buschmann
2019, Chile, 63′
World premiere

Friday 12 April 2019

A Dog Called Money (Ireland, United Kingdom)

He captures the images, she the words. In 2015, they travel together, from Kosovo to Afghanistan, via Washington D.C.'s black community. Polly Jean...

  • Seamus Murphy
2019, Ireland, United Kingdom, 90′
Swiss premiere
Homeport (Canada)

Samuel's home port is in Gaspesia, eastern Quebec, in Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis. It is winter and the fishing boats have been put into dry dock....

  • Laurence Lévesque
2019, Canada, 28′
World premiere
Compañía (Bolivia)

In Bolivia, in a small mountain village, the daily rhythm seems marked by a time that no longer exists, by nature's invisibles forces, by the will of...

  • Miguel Hilari
2019, Bolivia, 61′
World premiere
The Sheriff (Colombia)

Fernando is Kamëntsa, indigenous and autochthonous to the Sibundoy Valley, in the south of Colombia. He is over 40, but still lives in his...

  • Samuel Moreno Alvarez
2019, Colombia, 26′
World premiere
Transit Circle (Germany, China)

Hanqi and her friends drift through the suburban area of Hangzhou. Strolling through the concrete and neon-lit landscape of the city, they experience...

  • Stephan Knauss
2019, Germany, China, 40′
World premiere
Diary of Cattle (Indonesia)

In Indonesia, in the Padang district, an open landfill site borders the forest. A landscape of precipitous terrain, with its crest lines and its...

  • Lidia Afrilita, David Darmadi
2019, Indonesia, 17′
World premiere
Camp on the Wind’s Road (Russia)

On the edge of a path, a ritual is quickly organised. A few pieces of wood constitute a small pyre where sweets, bread and other food are left. In a...

  • Natasha Kharlamova
2018, Russia, 60′
International premiere