The Outer Space Forest (France)

The Outer Space Forest

La Forêt de l'espace

  • Victor Missud


On the Moon, a group of men await the arrival of inhabitants of Planet Earth. In the meantime, they look after the idyllic forest that they have cultivated on lunar terrain–they water it, they care for it, they spend hours and hours on it. These exiles from a world that seems to have discarded them, mistreated them or simply made them invisible, evoke their past lives on Earth, as well as their ideas to construct a better world. They exchange intimate thoughts beneath a starry sky, as if only the absence of gravity allowed these confidences. But who are these men suspended in this lunar forest? Are they ghosts, fugitives, or gods? The Outer Space Forest constructs a fantastic account, on the boundary between documentary and fiction, to talk of the situation lived by all those that society has chosen to forget, all those that society ignores. Rather than represent them in a dark, catastrophist context, Victor Missud offers them a lunar paradise, a telluric dream, a tale.

Elena López Riera

Length:  30'
Country:  France
Year:  2019
Language(s):  French, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Russian, Catalan, English
Premiere status at VdR:  World Premiere
VdR edition:  2019


Marie-Anne Campos

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Marie-Anne Campos


Language(s):  French, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Russian, Catalan, English
Subtitles:  English, French
  • Friday 5 April 2019
  • 16:45
Capitole Leone

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  • Saturday 6 April 2019
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