Tiere (Germany)


Jonas Spriestersbach
El Guru (Chile)

El Guru

Rory Barrientos Lamas
Ínsula (Argentina)


María Onis
L.A. Tea Time (Canada)

L.A. Tea Time

Sophie Bédard Marcotte
Le Pays (Switzerland,France)

Le Pays

Lucien Monot
Loulou (Switzerland)


Nathan Hofstetter
Madame (Switzerland)


Stéphane Riethauser
Many Undulating Things (United States,South Korea,Hong Kong SAR China)

Many Undulating Things

Bo Wang
Pan Lu
Naturales Historiae (Switzerland)

Naturales Historiae

Pauline Julier
Paysage ordinaire (France)

Ordinary Landscape

Damien Monnier
Piuccheperfetto (France)


Riccardo Giacconi
Quicksilver Chronicles (United States)

Quicksilver Chronicles

Ben Guez
Sasha Kulak
Sete anos em Maio (Brazil,Argentina)

Seven Years in May

Affonso Uchôa
La Maison (France)

The House

Mali Arun
The Sound Is Innocent (Czech Republic,France,Slovakia)

The Sound Is Innocent

Johana Ožvold