Capitole Fellini

Saturday 14 April 2018

Owning the Weather (United States)

Can geoengineering protect us from the disasters that global climate change is unleashing? Is cloud seeding a legitimate solution? Are there other...

  • Robert Greene
2009, United States, 93′
Swiss premiere
Lorello and Brunello (Italy)

Lorello and Brunello Biondi are twins and both live and farm in Pianetti di Sovana, a small place located in the southern part of Tuscany. They have...

  • Jacopo Quadri
2017, Italy, 87′
Swiss premiere

Sunday 15 April 2018

Kati with an I (United States)

An insightful and visually stunning portrait of Kati, the director's teenage half-sister, about to graduate high school in Piedmont, Alabama. Living in...

  • Robert Greene
2010, United States, 86′
Life Out There Has It Been Seen? (Portugal)

Minas de São Domingos is a small village built on a mine in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Today, the mine, which in other times kept its neighbours...

  • Filipe Carvalho
2018, Portugal, 30′
World premiere
KEV (Belgium)

Everyone calls him Kev, this pale-looking redhead, who a social worker found, as a child, locked in bedroom where he had only rays of sunshine to play...

  • Clémence Hébert
2018, Belgium, 47′
World premiere
Facing the Beast (France)

Théo is 14 years old and dreams of becoming a manadier, as are the cow breeders and herders of the South of France called. Learning under the...

  • Adrien Lecouturier, Emma Benestan
2018, France, 26′
International premiere
Ours Is a Country of Words (Belgium)

“This film tells a story that started in 1948, when thousands of Palestinians fled their country, in fear of the ongoing massacres. We will pick the...

  • Mathijs Poppe
2017, Belgium, 42′
International premiere
Soles de primavera (Serbia)

A tender account of the end of summer in the countryside near Belgrade: Bibi, Dimitrije, Stefan and Filip, four young cousins and friends, soon to be...

  • Stefan Ivančić
2013, Serbia, 23′
The Lightness of a Stone (Singapore)

A contemplative journey from Malaysia to Tuscany: carefully chosen stones gathered on a small island are prepared to be packed up and sent to Italy....

  • Vladimir Todorović
2013, Singapore, 18′
Gora (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Gorani, a Slavic Muslim minority, live in Gora, an isolated village in the mountains of Kosovo, on the border with Macedonia and Albania. It is on...

  • Stefan Malešević
2017, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 78′
Swiss premiere
Toward Silence (France)

After Cleveland contre Wall Street and L'Expérience Blocher, Jean-Stéphane Bron dived into the universe of the Opéra national de Paris to film his...

  • Jean-Stéphane Bron
2018, France, 9′
International premiere
The Time We Have Left (Belgium)

On the day of his 18th birthday, Vincent leaves behind a dysfunctional family situation never to return. Seven years later, he is now a filmmaker, and...

  • Vincent Everaerts
2018, Belgium, 59′
World premiere

Monday 16 April 2018

When the War Comes (Czech Republic, Croatia)

Observed from the outside, and ignoring everything that is going on in Slovakia, one could reasonably come to think that Peter enjoys the numerous...

  • Jan Gebert
2018, Czech Republic, Croatia, 76′
Swiss premiere
In the Open (France)

Casabianda, in Corsica, is an open detention facility, with no perimeter walls other than the sea, farmland and forests. Unique in France, it houses...

  • Guillaume Massart
2017, France, 146′
International premiere
Une fille de Ouessant (France, Belgium)

At the tip of Brittany, the island of Ouessant—a grassy heathland swept by sea winds—is the last land before America. Given its geographical situation,...

  • Éléonore Saintagnan
2018, France, Belgium, 28′
World premiere
The Night We Fell (Denmark)

Mette is in love with Per and, when she marries him, he becomes the stepfather and mentor of her daughter, Cille, the director of this film. Suddenly,...

  • Cille Hannibal
2018, Denmark, 47′
International premiere
Above 592 Metres (Spain, United Kingdom)

On the slopes of the Spanish Pyrenees, the construction of the Itoiz Dam in the 1990s flooded seven villages. A line of raw rock encircles the...

  • Maddi Barber
2018, Spain, United Kingdom, 24′
World premiere
The Absence of Apricots (Pakistan, Germany)

A documentary fairy-tale about the struggle for identity in the Hunza Valley set in a village located in the Northern-Pakistan somewhere between the...

  • Daniel Asadi Faezi
2018, Pakistan, Germany, 49′
World premiere
I Signed the Petition (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland)

Should Radiohead play their Tel Aviv concert that has become a watershed event among the community of their fans, or should they support and eventually...

  • Mahdi Fleifel
2018, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, 10′
World premiere
Kropotkin (Switzerland)

In 1887, Peter Kropotkin stayed briefly in the Swiss Jura, fiefdom of the watchmaking industry and epicentre of the international anarchist movement....

  • Cyril Schäublin
2018, Switzerland, 13′
World premiere
On Destruction and Preservation (Finland)

Just what can there be in common between the reproduction of mushrooms—filmed like the height of eroticism—, the melting ice in the Arctic, a suitcase...

  • Maija Blåfield
2018, Finland, 30′
World premiere

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Actress (United States)

Brandy Burre used to play Theresa D'Agostino in The Wire. In an unprecedented move, she chose to put her acting career on hold to raise her family. But...

  • Robert Greene
2014, United States, 86′
Swiss premiere
Far from Amazonia (Portugal)

In the 18th century, the Portuguese explorer Alexandre Rodrigues undertook an expedition into Amazonia. In his travel journal, he detailed the...

  • Francisco Carvalho
2018, Portugal, 17′
International premiere
Our Africa (Russia)

Sub-Saharan Africa was long ignored by the USSR but, with the independences of the 1960s, entered the daily lives of the Soviets, who left in their...

  • Alexander Markov
2018, Russia, 45′
World premiere
Looking for Déni (Gabon, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Russia)

Déni is trying to find himself. His soul-searching takes him on the traces of his childhood, in the snowy landscapes of Kazakhstan. In an apartment...

  • Déni Pitsaev
2017, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Russia, 19′
International premiere
Plastic (Cuba)

Two resourceful mates leave Havana to take the highways and byways of hawking. They criss-cross the Cuban countryside, going door to door, to flog...

  • Sissel Morell Dargis
2018, Cuba, 27′
World premiere
Unconfessions (Brazil)

The Brazilian actor and director Luiz Roberto Galizia died very young, but he left behind a wealth of personal archives composed of images, films and...

  • Ana Galizia
2017, Brazil, 22′
International premiere
Tiny Bird (Croatia, Serbia)

Wandering the paths of a forest leads to existential and ideological musings about friendship and history. An impressionist essay that allows...

  • Dane Komljen
2013, Croatia, Serbia, 30′
Unplugged (Serbia, Finland)

“Music has rarely been so offbeat” (M.K.), or the art of playing music with tree leaves. We encounter Vera, a former private detective who married at a...

  • Mladen Kovačević
2013, Serbia, Finland, 53′
Utopia (Serbia)

Boriša is 14 and lives with his parents in a small village in the Serbian countryside. His favourite activity, lying between a child's game and a real...

  • Matija Gluščević
2016, Serbia, 17′
Swiss premiere
Tungrus (India)

A tragi-comical drama, whose protagonist is no other than a young cock, unfolds in a Mumbai apartment just like thousands of others. Grabbed by an...

  • Rishi Chandna
2018, India, 14′
World premiere
Snowbirds (Canada)

Each year, a group of 1,800 retirees from Quebec move to the beaches of Florida like migrating birds fleeing the snow. Pompano Beach is paradise: palm...

  • Mika Goodfriend
2018, Canada, 46′
World premiere

Thursday 19 April 2018

Theta Rhythm (Netherlands)

The meticulous reconstruction of a day during the 8th meeting of the Serbian Communist Party in 1987, a crucial moment in the country's history marking...

  • Bojan Fajfrić
2010, Netherlands, 17′
Swiss premiere
When Pigs Come (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Dragoslava is not a known figure from the Serbian political or cultural world: she is a woman like any other in a country that seems to be constantly...

  • Biljana Tutorov
2017, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 75′
Swiss premiere
Lionel (Argentina)

Dogs. With them there is always more than meets the eye. Ask Lionel Falcon. He knows a thing or two about dogs. He's a photographer, but not your...

  • Juan Renau
2018, Argentina, 14′
World premiere
Boxing Libreville (Gabon, France, Belgium)

Libreville, Gabon, 2016. Christ, a young boxer, trains relentlessly by day and earns his living as a doorman at nightclubs. At the same time, another...

  • Amédée Pacôme Nkoulou
2018, Gabon, France, Belgium, 54′
World premiere
A Walk (South Korea)

A girl and a boy walk the streets of their city. They both look lonely. The streets are almost devoid of people. What are the two looking for? They...

  • Koo-Yong Sohn
2018, South Korea, 19′
World premiere
Hôtel Echo (France)

A pine forest, an ancestral fear and obscure memories of a folktale that is childish only in name; that of Bluebeard, who murdered his wives. So begins...

  • Eléonor Gilbert
2018, France, 54′
World premiere
Those Who Wander (Brazil)

A man wanders the streets of a town in search of a woman. A mysterious voice provides some clues: the dangerous forest, crawling snakes, the blood of...

  • Clarissa Campolina, Luiz Pretti
2018, Brazil, 23′
International premiere
CittàGiardino (Italy)

The “CittàGiardino” centre for immigrants is closing. There are only six teenagers left in the house. They have all arrived from Africa, walking...

  • Marco Piccarreda, Gaia Formenti
2018, Italy, 57′
World premiere

Friday 20 April 2018

Confluence (Netherlands, Germany)

Doris Bizetić is one of the most famous Serbian pop stars, and her story is intimately linked to the recent history of this country in which the...

  • Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Stefan Ramírez Pérez
2017, Netherlands, Germany, 21′
International premiere
Hello My First Love, Over and Out (Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal)

Hans is addressing his first love, Arief, as if he could hear him despite the distance and time. This heart-breaking love letter guides his steps in...

  • Daniel Donato
2018, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, 29′
World premiere
Why Pigs Don't Have a Name?! (Georgia)

Caesar is a beautiful and lively piglet bought in a small market. His owner loves him. He even knits him a red sweater to keep him warm. But will all...

  • Zura Mamagulashvili
2018, Georgia, 33′
World premiere
Practice (China)

How does an individual become a part of a larger group of human beings and learn to move in unison? Filmed near a Shaolin temple in Henan, China, Pract...

  • Iyabo Kwayana
2018, China, 10′
World premiere
Hamama & Caluna (Switzerland)

Two young men have fled their country to seek asylum in Europe, more specifically in Switzerland. On the way, they meet Andreas Muggli by chance in a...

  • Andreas Muggli
2018, Switzerland, 24′
World premiere
The Migrating Image (Denmark)

By following a fictional group of refugees across Europe, the film questions the overproduction of images surrounding real-life tragedies and deaths....

  • Stefan Kruse
2018, Denmark, 28′
World premiere

Tuesday 17 April 2018

And-Ek Ghes... (Germany)

The Velcu family, from Faţa Luncii in Romania that already featured in Revision, films their move to Germany. The cameras pass from hand to hand, and...

  • Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner
2016, Germany, 94′
Swiss premiere
Mirage (Serbia, United Kingdom)

A fascinating visual exploration of Dubai, an artificial city that arose in the middle of the desert, and its inhabitants, often from elsewhere, in an...

  • Srđan Keča
2011, Serbia, United Kingdom, 42′
Abdul & Hamza (Serbia)

Two migrants from Somalia find temporary refuge in the mountains near the Serbian-Romanian border. A film that is reminiscent of the Theatre of the...

  • Marko Grba Singh
2015, Serbia, 49′
Swiss premiere
Mudanza Contemporánea (Spain)

“Scouring powder, scraper, filler, varnish, brooms, paint...”  Speaking aloud, a man enumerates a list of objects linked to the domestic world, before...

  • Teo Guillem
2018, Spain, 20′
World premiere
Alone with Anna (France)

There are moments in life when everything seams to collapse. Axel is 30, has just finished film school, is unemployed and in quick succession,...

  • Axel Victor
2018, France, 45′
World premiere
Every Tear (Belgium)

In the 17th century, with the goal of observing and studying the quality of textiles with the greatest accuracy, a textile merchant from Delft starts...

  • Sarah Vanagt
2018, Belgium, 30′
World premiere
Remapping the Origins (Austria)

“Can a fascist say "I love you" in another language?” asks Johannes Gierlinger the director of Remapping the Origins. The polish city of Bialystok is...

  • Johannes Gierlinger
2018, Austria, 42′
World premiere
Madeleine After Thirty (Switzerland)

Six-year-old Madeleine counts up to thirty in her bedroom, as fragments of the voices of adults in conflict reach her. In order to escape, the little...

  • Justine Fabre
2018, Switzerland, 12′
World premiere
Cows and Queens (Portugal)

For four seasons, Laura Marques has been watching over Herens cattle during their summer grazing period in the Swiss Alps. Following the advice of her...

  • Laura Marques
2018, Portugal, 38′
World premiere
Because of Salt (Spain)

People living in a desert landscape that looks uncannily like one of those faux Mexican villages used in Italian westerns shot in Spain. A salt mine...

  • Cardozo Basteiro
2018, Spain, 23′
World premiere

Friday 13 April 2018

Heavens (Serbia, Montenegro)

The image of a generation, that of young Sashka, in search of a new identity, is sketched out here through a collage of archive images, family films...

  • Jelena Maksimović, Ivan Salatić
2014, Serbia, Montenegro, 19′
Swiss premiere
Dragan Wende – West Berlin (Serbia, Germany)

The fanciful Dragan Wende, a Yugoslavian immigrant, began his career in the West Berlin of the 1970s. During the crazy years of the Ku'damm, the part...

  • Dragan Von Petrović, Lena Müller
2013, Serbia, Germany, 87′
Swiss premiere
Juristic Bodies (Germany)

A passport assigns places that we call identities and which mark a limit between individuals: there is the legal and the illegal, the desirables and...

  • Jörg Heitmann, Philip Scheffner
1995, Germany, 49′
a/c (Germany)

Through a magma of images and sounds which represent sensorial impressions, the fantasies projected onto a town find themselves face to face with the...

  • Philip Scheffner
2003, Germany, 42′