Krähen schiessen (Switzerland)

Shooting Crows

Krähen schiessen

  • Christine Hürzeler


A park drenched in fog whose silence is pierced by the cawing of an ominous flock of crows. A woman disappears. A homeless man sleeps on the ground between the trees. A crow is shot. A means to keep their number in check. But weirdly enough after each shot more crows gather and caw threateningly over the park engulfed by the disturbing fog like a watery dome. And as they caw, they circle closer and closer in the sky. By observing what happens on an ordinary day in a park, the director manages to single out normal events that become extraordinary while being filmed. Thus, the park becomes like a mental image of the human perception. A place where all the invisible events gather that usually we do not pay attention to. An everyday science fiction film where the different dimensions of human emotions transform themselves in new and unexplored sensorial realms. Shooting Crows is a film about the ever-shifting boundaries of perception. An attempt to investigate the remnants of a world where the memories of humanity still lingers on.
Giona A. Nazzaro
Length: 20'
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2018
Language(s): German
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Christine Hürzeler  (chfilm)

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Language(s):  German
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