Racines lointaines (Belgium)

Faraway Roots

Racines lointaines

  • Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd


The dream of a tree in which the story of a man is written, a letter to a woman who has been left behind, the confession of a physical and spiritual nomadism... A voiceover on shots captured from a plane flying over West Africa places the first full-length feature by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd between the real and the imaginary. It is almost as if the soul of the Némadis, the protagonists of his previous film, had taken possession of the filmmaker's body. Like those who roam the desert and the bush tracking often invisible game animals, he crosses territories and interviews people in the search for a lost world. In the opposite direction to the migratory flow to Europe, he traces the roots of an ancient wisdom that still feeds the imagination of the griots. On this journey that is as beautiful as it is necessary, he begins to define the place of his filmmaking, anchored in the material world but haunted by the sense of loss and disappearance. The concepts of proximity and distance are relative, and they reverse their roles: the more we approach the distant, the closer it becomes, and the formerly close inexorably distances itself. The entire essence of humanity is here, between progress and memory.
Luciano Barisone
Length: 72'
Country: Belgium
Year: 2002
Language(s): French
VdR edition : 2014


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Language(s):  French
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