Separation of Trails (Switzerland)

La Séparation des traces

Separation of Trails

  • Francis Reusser


Francis Reusser is a photographer and director with a long career behind him. With this film, the Swiss director revisits the places from his personal memory (the Alpine landscapes of his childhood, the streets of the towns in which he shot some of his films) as well as those in his cinephilic memory. In this enormous work of reconstruction, taking the form of a filmed diary, it becomes impossible to separate the traces of his life and his work. After having directed, seen, and loved so many films, is it possible to do otherwise?Reusser, equipped with a small video camera here, plays the dual role of he who sees and he who is seen, and successfully tells his story with humour and intelligence, never sinking into bitterness. His account, tinged with the nostalgia of one convinced that he experienced better times for the film industry, and also driven along by the strength of one who continues to make films despite economic constraints. A love letter to the films of the past, full of hope for the future. A real song of resistance.
Elena López Riera
Length: 75'
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2018
Language(s): French
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition : 2018
VdR award(s) : Mention Spéciale, Jury Compétition Nationale VdR2018


Xavier Grin  (P.S. Productions)
Irène Challand  (RTS)
Sven Wälti  (SRG SSR)

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Xavier Grin
P.S. Productions
Tel. +4121 922 03 72


Language(s):  French
Subtitles:  English
  • Saturday 14 April
  • 19:30
Théâtre de Marens

Followed by a discussion

SOIRÉE RTS Cérémonie de remise du Prix RTS: Perspectives d'un doc, suivi de la projection du film, puis apéritif offert par la RTS. // Awards ceremony, screening of the film and drinks offered by RTS.

  • Sunday 15 April
  • 12:00