Die Anderen Plätze (Germany)
April 24 May 2 2020

The Other Fields

Die Anderen Plätze

  • Marco Kugel, Simon Quack


Every summer, when the major football teams fly their star athletes to training grounds in expensive and sunny locations, some other players meet on a football field in Duisburg. Even though there are professional footballers, they are all unemployed. And they look desperately for a job. The Other Fields sheds a new and completely different light on the mythologies of contemporary football. While some may think that “bling-bling” and “glitz” is all there is to modern football, Marco Kugel’s and Simon Quack’s film shows the intricate economic and moral complexities behind the façade of entertainment. Dreams only last a season or two. An athlete is only as good as his performance. The achievement-oriented society does not allow too many dreams (or dreamers…) even though it is exactly dreams that are sold to audiences everywhere. Footballers looking for a breakthrough but living constantly on the verge of failure are exchanged at a fast rate. The Other Fields shows how the entertainment and sports system fits and basically is just another cog of the capitalistic production system.
Giona A. Nazzaro
Length: 84'
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language(s): German
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition : 2017


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Language(s):  German
Subtitles:  English, French
  • Saturday 22 April 2017
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