Six portraits XL: Portrait n°5 Bernard (France)

Six portraits XL: Portrait n°5 Bernard

Six portraits XL: Portrait n°5 Bernard
Alain Cavalier
2017, France, 53′
World premiere
Maître du Réel

“Bernard Crombey is an actor. On stage, he plays the role he wrote himself, of a man unjustly accused of having abused a little girl, whereas he wanted to protect her from the violence of her parents. I've been filming him for eleven years, from a community centre to a Parisian theatre, passing via the Avignon Festival every year. At every performance, they add chairs. It's surprising. It's disturbing. Bernard expects that it will be the same in ten years' time.” (A. Cavalier) This film covers a fairly vast temporal arc, enabling the spectator to see the professional evolution of an actor-playwright. Bernard Crombey was one of the actors in Cavalier's film, Le Plein de super, in 1976. It was his first film role. His activity has since developed across all the fields: film, theatre, television. With his play Motobécane, he is featured in several theatres in France every year. Cavalier films him every time before and after his entrance on stage. And captures his metamorphosis, the point at which the body of the man transforms into the body of the show. The years pass, the emotion is the same.

Luciano Barisone

  • Monday 24 April
  • 20:30
Language(s):  French
Subtitles:  English
VdR edition:  2017


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