Wieder Unterwegs (Switzerland)

Travelling Again

Wieder Unterwegs

  • Matilda Isler - Kazakova


The short documentary “Travelling Again” is an emotional, mysterious, cheerful, dramatic, folkloristic, pessimistic, but always objective and realistic journey to the unknown world of the Roma. After 30 years, I have come back to the same locations, the Bulgarian Roma ghettos, as in my 16 mm short documentary ["Gypsy Romance"] (1983). What has happened to my “performers” from that time on? Where are the children and the grandchildren? To get an answer on this, I have been travelling myself in Switzerland, in France, and in other European countries. Travel along with me!
Länge: 30'
Land: Switzerland
Jahr: 2013
Sprache(n): Bulgarisch, Deutsch, Bulgarisch, Englisch
VdR Ausgabe : 2014


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Matilda Isler - Kazakova
Tél. +4176 200 31 23
Matilda Isler - Kazakova
Tél. +4176 200 31 23


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