¿Qué sueñan las cabras? (Mexico)

What Do Goats Dream?

¿Qué sueñan las cabras?

  • Jorge Prior


Goatherds in the Mixteca area of Oaxaca, lead a nomadic and lonely life up in the mountains with their goats, until it is time for the slaughter of the livestock which takes place every year in Huajuapan. A tradition that goes back over four hundred years in the region. Whole families participate in the “Matanza” or slaughter and the preparation of the goat meat, the use of skins, horns and viscera. A re"ection on life and death in the Mixteca. The traditions and music of the region are present in the Pasatono Orchestra, the singing voice of Lila Downs and a peasant who wonders: What do goats dream?
  • Market
  • IMCINE – Mexican films
Länge: 80'
Land: Mexico
Jahr: 2012
Sprache(n): Spanisch
VdR Ausgabe : 2013


Gustavo Picasso – Foprocine


Pablo Briseno
Tél. +34652 328 639



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