PAJU - Die innere teilung (Germany)

PAJU - The Inner Division

PAJU - Die innere teilung

  • Susanne Mi-Son Quester


The film takes us on a journey to Paju, a town on the border between North and South Korea. There we follow the German-Korean filmmaker, whose family once fled from North Korea to the South, as she encounters the inhabitants of Paju and accompanies them in their daily lives – along and with the border: These include: a tour guide, who daily escorts foreign tourists to the border; the manager of a huge cemetery for North Korean refugees, whose own family roots lie in North Korea; a North Korean who only recently fled to the South, leaving behind her family in North Korea; and a young editor who publishes books on North Korea, although the topic is of little personal inter- est to him. In its encounters with these and other residents, the film renders a perceptive portrait of a country whose division has left a deep imprint in the lives of its inhabitants.
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Länge: 78'
Land: Germany
Jahr: 2018
Sprache(n): Koreanisch, Deutsch
Premiere status (in January 2018) : World Premiere
VdR Ausgabe : 2018


Susanne Mi-Son Quester – mandarinenfilm


Susanne Mi-Son Quester
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