Pitching du Réel - Visions du Réel

Pitching du Réel

The international coproduction forum

Docs in Progress - Visions du Réel

Docs in Progress

Presentation of upcoming films seeking support for finalisation & distribution opportunities

Rough Cut Lab

Editing Lab

Opening Scenes Lab – Visions du Réel

Opening Scenes Lab

Young filmmakers presenting their short films in this section participate in special Industry activities

Prix RTS: Perspectives d'un doc - Visions dur Réel

Prix RTS: Perspectives d'un doc

The RTS television pitching for Swiss filmmakers

Switzerland Meets... - Visions du Réel

Switzerland Meets...

Swiss producers meet a delegation from a country having an existing coproduction treaty with Switzerland

DOC & ART - Visions du Réel


An event that sheds light on the challenges and opportunities to bridge the gap between the art world and the film industry

SWISS FILMS MARKET - Visions du Réel


In collaboration with Visions du Réel, SWISS FILMS presents six promising and upcoming Swiss documentary films...


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