Rough Cut Lab – Selected Projects 2018

4 feature documentary projects in a rough cut stage have been selected for the Rough Cut Lab 2018


by Nazareno Manuel Nicoletti   
Italy | 70'
Antonio Borrelli & Antonella Di Nocera - Arci Movie & Parallelo 41 produzioni 
Expected release: August 2018 

An old road runs along a railway modernized in the 70s, in the heart of the desolate Eastern outskirts of Naples. At the neighborhood’s borders big red buildings are swallowed by lots of concrete. A grid of popular housing, ruins of public projects never activated, socio-psychiatric structures. Between these texture there are the lives of a man and his desire to go elsewhere, a girl and her return home, a masked boxer locked in his room. A mosaic in which everyone is looking for something, but nobody knows what. Up To Down tells fragments of those broken lives between hallucination and reality.


by Maria Müller   
Switzerland | 90’
Hercli Bundi - Mira Film GmbH 
Expected release: Autumn/winter 2018 

A Swiss couple takes a Syrian refugee family with five children into their own home. The Swiss reality, which is characterized by wealth and peace, confronts people from a different culture, background, and religion. This film shows how a distant conflict affects us and makes itself felt among us. Welcome to my Home offers a glimpse of the destinies of these people. It shows how they are confronted with the problems of everyday life in a foreign culture and with the expectations and moral concepts of the Swiss hosts. 


by Carol Benjamin   
Brazil | 80’ 52'
Eliane Ferreira - Muiraquitã Filmes
Rita Toledo & Leandra Leal - Daza Filmes
João Moreira Salles - Video Filmes
Expected release: January 2019

In a letter to her father, an ex-political prisoner, the filmmaker unveils her grandmother’s intimate writings in an attempt to understand the story of her family, against the backdrop of the violence of the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the 1960’s. Delving into a family story, I Owe You a Letter About Brazil is a film about the bonds within a family and how historical events can affect personal lives. 


by Mantas Kvedaravicius
Lithuania, France, Ukraine | 90’
Uljana Kim - Studio Uljana Kim
Extimacy Films
Nadia Turincev & Julie Gayet - Rouge International
Natalia Libet & Vitaliy Sheremetyev - ESSE Production House
Expected release: September 2018 

”I weep not with remorse, but for fear I shall not be able to satisfy my passion”. The day it snowed in Istanbul, Garip killed Mahdi. It was Garip and Sofia who were madly in love once. This was in Odessa, but it all began when Saharan sand covered the city of Athens. Whose memory was it, or will be? 

by Nazareno Manuel Nicoletti   
Italy - Arci Movie

by Maria Müller   
Switzerland - Mira Film GmbH     
Colombia – Extranjero Films

by Carol Benjamin   
Brazil - Muiraquitã Filmes, Daza Filmes, Video lmes

by Mantas Kvedaravicius
Lithuania - Studio Uljana Kim
France - Extimacy Films
Ukraine - ESSE Production House


Maria Bonsanti, Head of Program, EURODOC (FR) 

Since 2000, Maria Bonsanti works in the eld of documentary cinema as programmer and jury member in festivals and film commissions. For 12 years she worked for Festival dei Popoli in Florence, in 2011 as co-director. She has periodically coIlaborated with the Festival del Film Locarno, in particular in 2006 and 2007 when she was in charge of the coordination of the Play Forward section. From 2012 until 2017 she was Artistic Director of Cinéma du Réel in Paris. 

Since may 2017, she is Head of EURODOC, one of the leading training programmes for documentary professionals in Europe, which aim to strengthen coproduction of creative documentary on an international scale.

Marina Drozdova, Producer, Writer, Programmer of Flahertiana IFF (RU) 

Artistic co-director of Flahertiana International Film Festival. Producer of documentaries with a ten years experience as commisioning editor/producer for Russia-wide Federal TV channel CULTURE. Film archive researcher with 25 years experience in historical visual eld of 20th century. Writer on lms.

Vanja Kaludjercic, Program Advisor, IFF Rotterdam (NL) 

Since 2017, Vanja Kaludjercic is programmer of IFFR Talks & Masterclasses. Before that she was head of the Holland Film Meeting at the Netherland Film Festival, Head of Industry at Les Arcs European Film Festival in France, and established the new Paris Coproduction Village in 2014. As a programmer she has been working with Sarajevo Film Festival since 2008, while in 2015 she joined Paris-based Cinéma du Réel as head of ParisDOC and worked for CPH:DOX as head of studies within the production workshop CPH:LAB. From 2008-2010 she was in charge of acquisitions at Coproduction O ce before going on to manage the Paris Project of the Paris Cinema International Film Festival. 

International Film Festival Rotterdam focuses on independent and remarkable cinema. IFFR actively supports new and adventurous filmmaking talent through its IFFR PRO activities; coproduction market CineMart, its Hubert Bals Fund, in-market training for emerging producers at Rotterdam Lab and other fruitful and innovative Industry-related activities.

Rada Sesic, Head of Documentary competition and Co-Head of Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Sarajevo Film Festival (BA) 

Rada Sesic is a documentary maker, lecturer and lm critic, takes also part in a selection of IDFA Amsterdam and IFFR Rotterdam as well as in two Dutch funds – IDFA Bertha Fund and Hubert Bals. 

Sarajevo Film Festival is the leading film event in the South-East Europe region shining an international spotlight on films, talents, and future projects and serving as a common platform for film businesses from the region. Docu Rough Cut Boutique offers a tailor made coaching, expert advice and access to decision-makers that can have a crucial influence on moving the projects forward in their final stage. Rada is also the Artistic director of the Eastern Neighbours Film Festival/The Hague.