Sweet Terror of Memory – ΨΙΘΥΡΟΙ (Niederlande, Mazedonien)

Sweet Terror of Memory – ΨΙΘΥΡΟΙ

Sweet Terror of Memory – ΨΙΘΥΡΟΙ
Ilse Frech
2018, Niederlande, Mazedonien, 15′
Internationale Premiere
Media Library
In a visual poem and triptych of biographical- and fictional narrative based upon my Macedonian mother's family history, exile of the Greek Civil War, three women embark on a journey of perpetual memory. Uprooted, torn from each other, their mother and motherland, genealogical heritage of trauma unlocks. Sweet Terror of Memory is a sensorial manifest of spiritual absolution - whispering, echoing stories of heroines, their siblings and children on a quest for Grace. Set in a dreamlike landscape of ruins and legend a vision exalts, liberated upon ourselves and mankind's history. Connecting historical places and Monuments of war, relating to testimonies of women soldiers and survivors of the war. Seemingly untouched, this landscape void of imagining homecoming, beholder of disembodied impression of time yet continuously counteracting visions of former lives recalled, projected into the future: Ruins of recollection incarnated in perpetuity.
Sprache(n)::  Englisch, Griechisch, Deutsch
VdR Ausgabe:  2019


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