Masterclass Werner Herzog ()

Masterclass Werner Herzog

Masterclass Werner Herzog
Maître du Réel Werner Herzog

Visions du Réel will pay tribute to one of the world's major filmmakers during its 50th edition. Werner Herzog will be awarded the Sesterce d'or Prix Rai eisen Maître du Réel. In partnership with the Cinémathèque suisse and ECAL, Lausanne University of Art and Design, several events are being organised to give the audience the opportunity to meet the legendary film director. He will give a Masterclass in discussion with Lionel Baier (Head of the Film Department at ECAL and filmmaker) and Emilie Bujès (Artistic Director of Visions du Réel), while a selection of his films will be part of the Festival's programme including his latest feature film, Meeting Gorbachev (co-directed with André Singer), as a Swiss premiere. In parallel, the Cinémathèque suisse and ECAL will also screen another part of his filmography in collaboration with Visions du Réel.

A unique opportunity to discover the universe of Werner Herzog, filmmaker whose approach is as philosophical as it is physical, moving freely between di erent forms and processes, fiction and documentary. He will give a Masterclass to share his working methods.

In English, with simultaneous translation into French.

Photo: Werner Herzog ©Robin Holland

  • Dienstag 9 April
  • 14:00
VdR Ausgabe:  2019