Tarja Preta (Brazil)

Black Label

Tarja Preta

  • Márcio Farias


"Black Label" is a short documentary about a small town in the interior of Brazil, Itacuruba. It was discovered that it is the city with the highest percentage of people suffering from depression in the country.
This project attempts by the residents, present all your links between them, your city and your medicines, so as to understand better what's going on there and what made this city look like.
Sektion:  Market
Länge: 24'
Land: Brazil
Jahr: 2015
Sprache(n): Portugiesisch
VdR Premierenstatus: World Premiere
VdR Ausgabe : 2016


Márcio Farias
Adalberto Oliveira
Kleber Saint-Nôlly


Márcio Farias
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Sprache(n):  Portugiesisch