Jaar, the last place (Chile)

Jaar, the last place

Jaar, el último lugar

  • Paula Rodríguez


Jaar, the last place (Jaar, the last place), examines the creative process of Alfredo Jaar, a Chilean contemporary artist of great worldwide recognition. For him, art is the last space left to speak honestly of the great social conflicts of a world dominated by consumption and spectacle.

This documentary accompanies us through his work in Finland, Venice, Buenos Aires, Santiago and New York. This is the first film about this great artist, and a deep reflection on the role of art in our society.

Sektion :  Market
Länge:  73'
Land:  Chile
Jahr:  2017
Sprache(n)::  Spanisch, Englisch
VdR Premierenstatus:  World Premiere
VdR Ausgabe:  2017


Paola Castillo


Valentín Romero
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Sprache(n)::  Spanisch, Englisch