The Temperature of Will (Deutschland)

The Temperature of Will

Die Temperatur des Willens

  • Peter Baranowski


For decades, the ‘Legionaries of Christ’ appeared mainly as a globally acting and rapidly growing community that is very loyal to the Pope. Especially due to their success among the young, many conservative Catholic circles considered the movement a convincing answer to the crisis of faith in the Western world. After an unparalleled abuse scandal surrounding the Mexican founder of the order, however, overall enthusiasm has cooled noticeably. Nevertheless, the remaining members still believe in the validity of the movement’s original mission. Even in an increasingly skeptical environment they continue spreading a message that is inspired by a radical faith. The film follows the work of the ‘Legionaries’ in Germany, thereby giving a rare insight into the mindset and survival strategies of a specific Catholic worldview.

Sektion :  Market
Länge:  104'
Land:  Deutschland
Jahr:  2017
Sprache(n)::  Deutsch
VdR Premierenstatus:  International Premiere
VdR Ausgabe:  2017


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Sprache(n)::  Deutsch