Casi Paraíso (Deutschland, Mexiko)

Casi Paraíso

Casi Paraíso

  • Pablo Narezo


Everything starts with a backpack full of 8 mm films that gets lost on a trip from Germany to Mexico. The lost films document the everyday life and travels of a mexican middle class family over 3 generations.

Casi Paraíso is an essay film that combines 8mm footage, collected photographs, magnetic tape recordings and filmed moments to reflect on the violent situation in Mexico nowadays. When the filmmaker's daughter is born and becomes the fifth generation of this film, he starts an inquiry into the past while following the current events back home.

Sektion :  Market
Länge:  53'
Land:  Deutschland, Mexiko
Jahr:  2016
Sprache(n)::  Spanisch, Deutsch
VdR Premierenstatus:  Swiss Premiere
VdR Ausgabe:  2017


Pablo Narezo


Pablo Narezo
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Sprache(n)::  Spanisch, Deutsch