Pavel Koutecký

Pavel Koutecký

Pavel Koutecký

Doc Alliance - June 2012

Events of the month: FID Marseille, the newest member of Doc Alliance ; retrospective of Pavel Koutechy, one of the most significant Czech documentary filmmaker; 31 endings / 31 beginnings, an unique perspective on Prague artistic production ; new docs added on the platform…

Events of the month

FID LAB choice

from June 4 to 10

FID Marseille, the newest member of the Doc Alliance, anually selects 10 international film projects in any stage of production to their professional platform called FID Lab. The aim of this meeting place is to reinforce the artistic and creative qualities of the projects and support their global potential. Opium in Vietnam, stories from rural Mexico, mysterious animals in jungle…
Watch FOR FREE 4 documentaries selected in the past for the unique FID Lab workshop.

Pavel Koutechy in our memories

from June 17 to 17

Enjoy the retrospective of one of the most significant Czech documentary filmmakers Pavel Koutecký, known also for his acclaimed documentary Citizen Havel. After dying tragically in 2006 a prestigious documentary award has been established to honor his significant work and also support other documentary filmmakers in their art.
Watch for free Pavel Koutecky's outstanding production plus all the awarded docs from the past.

31 endings / 31 beginnings

from June 25 to July 1

Where does Prague end and where does it begin? Where is its center? What is its structure? Does it have its hidden face plunged in the darkness of the unconscious? Is it possible to take one's life and attach it to the concept of the city? The film 31 Endings / 31 Beginnings is based on movement. Like a child who would like to cross a river without getting wet and thus jumps from a stone to a stone, so the film jerkily, by leaps and bounds, goes on a journey and comes back again.
Watch for free this unique perspective on Prague and its artistic production directed as a film debut by the famous art collective Rafani.

New Docs added

Cooking History
by Peter Kerekeš
Jak se vaří dějiny (Orig.) / 2009 / Czech Republic / 90 min

Everyday I step in front of your face (English version)
by Drahomíra Vihanová
Denně předstupuji před Tvou tvář / EN version (Orig.) / 1992 / Czech Republic / 29 min

Cuchillo de Palo / 108
by Renate Costa
Cuchillo de Palo / 108 (Orig.) / 2010 / Spain / 95 min

Position among stars
by Leonard Retel Helmrich
Position among the stars (Orig.) / 2010 / Netherlands / 100 min