Doc Alliance - Fev. 2012

Recently added films available on VOD and events of your Online Documentary Cinema.

Events of the month

7 outstanding documentaries from the British Documentary School and Free Cinema Movement, including films by John Grierson, Robert Flaherty or Karel Reisz are available permanently for free stream. Learn more...


from 13th February

Director Michael Noer gave a digital video camera to his 20-year-old neighbours, simply briefing them to film the dramatic events of their daily lives. Vesterbro is their story, and because it is seen through their eyes it goes straight to the bone of the transition from youth to adulthood with a rarely seen degree of honesty, intimacy and accuracy.
Along with Noer's Wild Hearts for free steam from 13th to 17th Februar

Arnošt Lustig - Nine Lives

from 20th February

The film presents Arnošt Lustig’s reflection on his life. With humour and a detached view, the famous Czech writer kindly guides the spectators through the hard period of the 1930s and the 1940s up to the present.
On the occasion of the first anniversary of his death we offer this film for FREE STREAM from 20th to 26th February.

New docs added

Indusctrial Britain
by Robert Joseph Flaherty 
Industrial Britain (Orig.) / 1931 / United Kingdom / 22 min

by Avi Mograbi 
Z32 (Orig.) / 2008 / Israel / 81 min

The arrivals
by Claudine Bories , Patrice Chagnard 
Les Arrivants (Orig.) / 2009 / France / 111 min

Land of Madness
by Luc Moullet 
La terre de la folie (Orig.) / 2009 / France / 90 min

And soon

Son of God by Michael Noer and Khavn de la Cruz
The Inbetweener, Boogie Woogie Daddy by Erik Bafving
Hula and Natan by Robby Elmaliah
Coal in the Soul by Martin Dušek and Ondřej Provazník