The Sea Between Us (Canada)

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The Sea Between Us

La mer entre nous
Marlene Edoyan
2019, Canada, 102′
Première suisse
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The Sea Between Us transports us to the city of Beirut in Lebanon, 25 years after the end of a bloody civil war and into the lives of two strong and charismatic women, Hayat & Wafaa. With children of their own, they must now face the challenging task of passing on the civil war’s violent legacy onto a new generation. The film puts a human face on the impact of sectarian division, nationalism and intolerance and shows that the hope and the need for peaceful coexistence is cross cultural and universal. Through the intimate stories and memories of these two protagonists of different backgrounds, we understand why Beirut’s neighbourhoods still feel walled in by invisible boundaries and why achieving forgiveness and reconciliation is so complex in a country that is still broken over religious and political party ideology.
Langue(s):  Arabe
Édition VdR:  2020


Marlene Edoyan

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