AIRO PAI : My friend Nelson (Équateur)

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AIRO PAI : My friend Nelson

AIRO PAI : Mi amigo Nelson
Siddha Juan Jacob Valladares
2019, Équateur, 60′
Première mondiale
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Airo Pai, portraits the story of the friendship between Nelson, a member of the Secoya nationality of Ecuador and Jacob, the filmmaker. Their paths have been entwined since Jacob’s family moved to Ecuador in 1996. When Nelson is given only 5 years of life due to a severe illness, the filmmaker organize a last trip to the deep Amazon to share sometime with his friend. They travel down the Aguarico River until they reach the sacred territory of the Secoyas: Lagartococha, in the border of Ecuador and Peru. The film explores the way of life of the Secoya nationality, and how their lifestyle has changed through out time. If in ancient times, the Secoyas lived nurtured only by the jungle, now they have to survive threatened by oil extraction, alcoholism and several diseases. The film is a search for identity in the mist of the cultural contraposition between the occidental way of life and a nature bounded one.
Langue(s):  Espagnol, Divers, Allemand
Édition VdR:  2020


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