Yutupis (Belgique, Pérou)

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Pizarro Perez Luis André
2019, Belgique, Pérou, 46′
Première mondiale
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Yutupis starts off with the filmmaker undertaking a ritual. It evokes images —memories— of a village in the Peruvian rainforest. From felling trees and fishing during the day to the dancing and drinking at night. We notice both superstition and a strong belief in God. We hear indigenous songs as well as reggaeton. People talk in their native tongue or Spanish, depending on the situation. Influences from the past and contemporary times are clear: the colonization of the 16th century initiated the cross-cultural mixture that is further amplified by the ongoing of globalization. Yutupis is a means to observe and, as such, to conserve. To observe is to conserve, whether on film or in the mind.
Langue(s):  Awajún
Édition VdR:  2019


Peynshaert Matthias

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