Winter and a Bird Trap (Allemagne)

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Winter and a Bird Trap

Winter and a Bird Trap
Christelle Jornod
2018, Allemagne, 21′
Première mondiale
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Winter and a Bird Trap takes place in a small village located in the Swiss Alps, during winter 2018: Evolène is not the perfect picture of an archaic, romantic Swiss Alpine place, neither it has become a huge ski resort, like one can find in the surrounding valleys. More it seems like remaining stuck between its traditional structure and a wish towards modernity and tourism. The landscape becomes then the frame for those contradictions to be seen. This particularly cold and hard mountain scenery is the stage for a lot of different activities, upon which the film aims to focus ; the daily life is shared between agriculture, leisure, and finally the centuries-old fest of Carnaval, which is happening through the whole winter, and whose end is supposed to mark the coming of spring, and better days for future harvesting. What is finally linking all these activities is the relation they have with this specific landscape - an idealized, esthetic, or a dominated, spoiled landscape, in turn.
Langue(s):  Muet
Édition VdR:  2019


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