Wild Honey (États-Unis, Russie)

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Wild Honey

Wild Honey
Ava Porter, Farhad Akhmetov
2019, États-Unis, Russie, 71′
Première mondiale
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Over 180 ethnic groups have survived for generations in the often treacherous and seemingly uninhabitable lands of Russia, with cultural roots that can be traced back centuries or even millennia. Guided by folk music, 'Wild Honey' takes an unprecedented look at the daily lives of the underrepresented ethnic minorities of five distinct regions across Eurasia: the Muslim Bashkirs of the Urals, the Orthodox Christian Cossacks of the Southern Steppe, the Spiritual Christian Molokans of the Caucasus, the Jewish Ashkenazim and Krymchaks of the Black Sea, and the Shamanistic Teleuts and Telengits of Siberia.
Langue(s):  Divers, Russe, Arabe, Yiddish
Édition VdR:  2019


Ava Porter
Farhad Akhmetov

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