Who killed my brother? (Argentine)

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Who killed my brother?

¿Quién mató a mi hermano?
Ana Fraile, Lucas Scavino
2018, Argentine, 88′
Première mondiale
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Is it possible to be poor and find justice? Is it possible to find all the responsables in an enforced disappearance case in Argentine democracy? Is it possible to find how the state administration is able to do the work for disappearing a human being? In this film, we tell the story of a woman, Vanesa, who leads a unique struggle to find justice and truth for her brother. It is a difficult and painful, facing judicial and police administrators who despise her, who try to discourage her using threats and persecutions, who are united in complicity to silence and hide the destiny of her brother. But the memory of Luciano and the need for truth and justice are stronger. They continue to fight to find truth and justice for the enforced disappearance and death of Luciano. She is looking for the intelectual and material responsible and repite endlessly : who killed my brother?
Langue(s):  Espagnol
Édition VdR:  2019


Ana Fraile
Daniel Botti

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