Villa Empain (Belgique, Autriche, Allemagne)

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Villa Empain

Villa Empain
List Katharina
2019, Belgique, Autriche, Allemagne, 24′
Première mondiale
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Villa Empain was a passion, a vision, a plan, a home, an artwork. It is a heartfelt dream that was abandoned. Villa Empain, today, looks like it did in the 1930s, but it has turned into another entity held by the same fundament. Villa Empain exists between past and present, comprised of pieces of contemporary art within a single, unique piece of Art Déco and Bauhaus. It is a humble and enduring architectural body. It is a dichotomy of private mansion and public space. It is a conversation between a family’s history and an architect's dream, between a father's travelogue and an artist's performance, an encounter of water on stone, of charcoal on paper and of light on film. Traces of transformation culminate into a folding of times within in an architectural space. An imprint of a moment in the dunes of Étretat on a photograph opposes the perpetual flux of the moving image. The film contemplates its very own nature of creating and preserving memory.
Langue(s):  Muet
Édition VdR:  2019


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