Uncle Sasha, or One flew over Russia (Russie)

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Uncle Sasha, or One flew over Russia

Dydya Sasha, ily polet nad Rossiey
Tatyana Soboleva
2018, Russie, 58′
Première internationale
East Silver
Uncle Sasha is an inventor, philosopher, collector and an incredible man. He calculated where the historical center of Russia is located and moved there from Moscow with his wife 30 years ago. He was full of dreams to revive this village. He raised 10 children, but they went to the city, and the neighbors also left the place. Roads and bridges broke down. It turned into a dead village, an island surrounded by water. Only three persons visit Uncle Sasha from across the river: the silent Alexei, the always drunk Morozov, and the last peasant, Komarov, who is searching for answers to questions that torment him. In his loneliness, Uncle Sasha slowly becomes part of the landscape. All his activities look like rituals. Every spring he builds a bridge that is smashed by ice every winter. He sees the causes of decay in external forces: in the influence of European civilization, in the abandonment of roots, in the machinations of enemies.
Langue(s):  Russe
Édition VdR:  2019


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