'Typical Lao...' (Chypre, Laos, Suisse)

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'Typical Lao...'

'Typisch laotisch...'
Abegg Markus
2018, Chypre, Laos, Suisse, 56′
Première mondiale
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Donations and technology can only partially be effective in the fight to modernize a country. Filmed by a doctor, the documentary gives a unique inside view into the highs and lows of Swiss health workers as they try to bridge an often neglected area in Laos. Focusing on the human side of the battle they promote the training of new doctors to bring better knowledge and practices along with much needed equipment. This film closely and critically accompanies a family doctor in action and shows how she approaches it, what works and where she is limited.
Langue(s):  Allemand, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Abegg Markus

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