Two Prisons (États-Unis)

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Two Prisons

Two Prisons
Casey Carter, Colleen Cassingham
2018, États-Unis, 37′
Première mondiale
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While a Beijing activist makes his case for political asylum in NYC, past and present are superimposed as years of persecution, surveillance, and paranoia unfold. Two cities coalesce into a single stage where personal and political histories reveal the traumas of a young inexperienced dissident, confronting the currents of authoritarian politics. In 2009, on the grounds of suspected “Subversion of State Power,” Wang Zhongxia was taken by plain-clothed police after printing a small run of t-shirts bearing the phrase “free all political prisoners.” From that day forward, he was tied procedurally and psychologically to the operations of Beijing’s political police - routinely surveilled, and subject to multiple detentions. 9 years later, 'Two Prisons' proceeds in parallel with the pages of Wang Zhongxia’s application for political asylum - referring to its events, evidences, and arguments - repositioning the traumas of its author into overlapping mental and physical spaces of memory.
Langue(s):  Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Casey Carter
Colleen Cassingham

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