Turning 18 (Taïwan)

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Turning 18

Wei Lai Wu Yang
Chao-Ti Ho
2018, Taïwan
Première suisse
Taiwan Docs
"Two girls in the bloom of youth meet at a vocational training program. Afterwards, their lives move in completely different directions. They are both growing up in broken homes. Pei searches for hope in love, while Chen struggles to avoid her parents' fate. As they approach the age of 18, the undercurrents of their lives surface, nearly overwhelming them. This is a story of abandonment, but also of love and courage. Although the story comes from a remote area of Taiwan, it asks a question pondered the world over: how can an unloved life find a strength of her own?"
Langue(s):  Chinois
Édition VdR:  2019


Chao-Ti Ho
Ching-Song Liao

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