Time to dream (Suisse)

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Time to dream

Le temps de rêver
Blatter Steven, Morris William
2018, Suisse, 32′
Première européenne
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Time to Dream – a documentary about Walter Mafli, a Swiss painter who lived for over a century, and died shortly after the film’s completion. The painter confesses to have never painted as much as in the last few years. Despite his eyesight steadily weakening, he climbs the stairs to his studio every day to paint - the first stroke on a blank canvas retains the same intensity for him, even at the age of 102, though in his heart he knows that the end is near and he will soon have to stop. Through one vision, one proposition, ‘Time to Dream’ is time suspended in a frenetic world - a hymn to art, to life, to the beauty in both.
Langue(s):  Français
Édition VdR:  2019


Blatter Steven
Morris William

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